Tourism, Hospitality and Digital Transformation "Strategic Management Aspects"

por Merkle, Throsten; Tajeddini, Kayhan
Tourism, Hospitality and Digital Transformation "Strategic Management Aspects"
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ISBN: 978-0-367-15000-6
Editorial: Routledge
Fecha de la edición: 2019
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 228


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Resumen del libro

Reseña: Innovation and technological advancements can be disruptive forces, especially for conventional business in the hospitality and tourism industries. This book is timely with its critical examination of such forces and how the two industries should strategize and respond to changes effectively. It examines a wide scope of topics, from environmental scanning, formulation, implementation and evaluation to the way managers make strategy choices for better organizational performance. The book illustrates how companies can re-orient their strategies and appraise the effectiveness of the business; its key competitors; and how they should set business goals through various cases, i.e. different types of hospitality and tourism business from traditional hotels to Airbnb and endeavors to provide strategic conceptual theories with real world application through such case studies.
indice: 1. Tourism, Hospitality and Digital Transformation: The Relevance for Society (Vanessa Ratten, Kayhan Tajeddini and Thorsten Merkle) 2. Digitalisation in the Hotel Industry (Christian Buer) 3. Change Management and Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Mark Beattie and Sharon Link Wyer) 4. Love is the Bridge between You and Everything: Relationships of Identity, Experience and Benevolence to Travelers Loyalty and Willingness to Purchase (Pantea Foroudi and Reza Marvi) 5. Towards a Typology of Organizational Agility for Hotel Industry (Mahlagha Darvishmotevali and Kayhan Tajeddini) 6. The Application of Theories about Capital Structure: Packing Order, Trade-off and Signalling in the Hotel Units in Portugal (Aida Martins, Joaquim Pinho and Graca Azevedo) 7. Do Customers Really Matter? Effect of Customer Orientation on Innovativeness: Evidence from Hotel Industry in Poland (Marcin Olszewski, Barbara Kowalczyk and Lukasz Widla-Domaradzki) 8. Destination Functional Attributes and Tourists Revisit Intention to Sri Lankas Pasikuda: A Critical Role of Destination Brand Equity (Mohamed Ismail Mujahid Hilal) 9. Digital Application: Evidence from Zurich Airport (Thorsten Merkle, Kayhan Tajeddini, Sven Mostberger, Sarah Rohner, Kira Schmid and Eleanor Shaw) 10. Innovation in Tourism Destination Marketing (Gretel Qumsieh-Mussalam and Kayhan Tajeddini) 11. Surf Tourism Knowledge System: A Conceptual Approach (Roberto Martín-González, Ana María Luque-Gil and Kamilla Swart)