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  • Firefighting "The Financial Crisis and Its Lessons"

    por Bernanke, Ben S.; Geithner, Timothy; Paulson, Henry M.

    Firefighting "The Financial Crisis and Its Lessons"

    2019 Penguin Book

    From the three primary architects of the American policy response to the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression, a magnificent big-picture synthesis--from why it happened to where we are now. In 2018, Ben Bernanke, ...

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  • Personal Debt in Europe "The EU Financial Market and Consumer Insolvency"

    2019 Cambridge University Press

    Personal debt remains an important factor in many economic models because it encourages people to use debt to finance consumption. Whether this model is sustainable for individuals or the countries in which they reside is ...

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  • Using Excel for Business and Financial Modelling "A Practical Guide"

    2019 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    First published in 2012, Using Excel for Business and Financial Modelling contains step-by-step instructions of how to solve common business problems using financial models, including downloadable Excel templates, a list of shortcuts and tons of ...

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  • Guía para evitar el fraude "La picaresca en los mercados financieros"

    2019 Piramide

    Una mayor formación sobre finanzas permitiría al inversor desarrollar una actitud reflexiva, escéptica y crítica hacia las ofertas de inversiones y productos financieros. La historia financiera se repite desde hace siglos. Las prácticas abusivas son ...

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  • Risk Measurement "From Quantitative Measures to Management Decisions"

    2019 Springer

    This book combines theory and practice to analyze risk measurement from different points of view. The limitations of a model depend on the framework on which it has been built as well as specific assumptions, ...

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  • Innovation Finance and Technology Transfer "Funding Proof-of-Concept"

    2019 Routledge

    Offering proof-of-concept (POC) to inventors is often a difficult task for most Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs). Through an in-depth analysis of 15 years of IP portfolio management by Oxford University Innovation (OUI), this book identifies ...

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  • New Facets of Economic Complexity in Modern Financial Markets

    por Adcock, Chris; Kyrtsou, Catherine; Sornette, Didier

    New Facets of Economic Complexity in Modern Financial Markets

    2019 Routledge

    The book is motivated by the disruptions introduced by the financial crisis and the many attempts that have followed to propose new ideas and remedies. Assembling contributions by authors from a variety of backgrounds, this ...

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  • Buen dinero "Ahorro e inversión. Impulse su bienestar financiero"

    2019 Blume

    Nathalie Spencer expone los fundamentos científicos que explican nuestra idea, uso y gestión del dinero para permitirnos relacionarlos de un modo más sabio y grato con nuestras finanzas. Desde el análisis de cómo las transacciones ...

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  • Blockchain Babel "The Crypto-Craze and the Challenge to Business "

    2019 Kogan Page

    Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. According to Santander, it could save financial institutions $15-20bn a year from 2022 onward. Most experts see an unprecedented potential, but many banks, payment processors and ...

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  • Governance of Financial Institutions

    por Busch, Danny; Ferrarini, Guido; Van Solinge, Gerard

    Governance of Financial Institutions

    2019 Oxford University Press

    This book examines the topical issue of governance of financial institutions, covering banks, investment firms, asset management, pension funds and insurance firms. It comprehensively analyses the impact and practice of the new and more robust ...

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  • Collateral Management "A Guide to Mitigating Counterparty Risk"

    2019 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    'Collateral Management' explains the connection between the need for collateral management in order to alleviate counterparty risk and the actions that firms must take to achieve it. Targeted at middle and back office managers seeking ...

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  • Big Data and Machine Learning in Quantitative Investment

    2019 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    'Big Data and Machine Learning in Quantitative Investment' is not just about demonstrating the maths or the coding. Instead, it's a book by practitioners for practitioners, covering the questions of why and how of applying ...

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Ecobook recomienda

Crash "Cómo una década de crisis financieras ha cambiado el mundo"

La crisis que se inició en Estados Unidos en septiembre de 2008 no fue un accidente puntual, sino el inicio de un gran cambio global. Sus consecuencias se extendieron también al campo de la política, ...

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