Risk and the insurance business in history

por Pearson, Robin; Pons Pons, Jeronia
Risk and the insurance business in history
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ISBN: 978-84-9844-753-8
Editorial: Fundacion Mapfre
Fecha de la edición: 2020
idioma: Ingles
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Reseña: In june 2019 the first world congress on Risk and the Insurance Business in History was convened in Seville. The organisers believed that this field of history and finally reached a critical mass of scholars and experts who would benefit from participating in a large conference that could generate new intellectual synergies. The essays in this volume, selected from the contributions to this conference, are illustrative of some of the best new research in the field, the variety of its methodological approaches and its broad geographical scope. Two essays explore, respectively, the issues confronting British and US life insurers trying to underwrite lives in foreign and colonial contexts during the nineteenth century. Two case studies of Canada and Switzerland examine fire and casualty insurance and state regulation in the long nineteenth century. Other essays examine the long-run impact of regulation on insurance markets and insurance industry and regulator responses to modern financial crises in Spain, France, Sweden, South Africa and the United States.
indice: List of figures and tables Acknowledgements Abstracts List of contributors Chapter 1. Risk and the insurance business in history: An introduction, by Jerònia Pons and Robin Pearson 1. UNDERWRITING LIFE INSURANCE IN THE AGE OF EMPIRE Chapter 2. Taxing Journeys: British Life Insurance and the White Man's Burden, 1840-1914, by Timothy Alborn Chapter 3. Agents, Regulations, and Scandals: US life insurance companies in late-nineteenth-century latin america, by Sharon Ann Murphy 2. FIRE AND CASUALITY RISK AND THE NINETEENTH-CENTURY STATE Chapter 4. Risk in fire insurance law as an empowerment tool for the estate during the construction of colonial Canada, by David Gilles and Sébastien Lanctot Chapter 5. Markerts created and destroyed by the state: casuality insurance and the experience of the Zurich insurance company 1850-1914, by Christofer Stadlin 3. THE IMPACT OF REGULATORY DYNAMICS AND SOCIAL PRINCIPLES ON INSURANCE MARKETS Chapter 6. Insurance and regulation modes in France and Spain from the End of the Nineteenth century until the end of world war two, by Leonardo Caruana de las Cagigas and André Straus Chapter 7. Swedish insurance institutions and efficiency 1920-1980, by Mike Lönnborg, Peter Hedberg and Lars Karlsson 4. INSURANCE IN FINANCIAL CRISES Chapter 8. Regulatory over-reaction to the global financial crisis: insurance regulation in South Africa, by Grietjie Verhoef Chapter 9. Regulators and valuation. Decoupling insurance assets from marjet pressure in financial crisis, by Loca Froelicher Chapter 10. Bancassurance at the hights: the Banesto-Luyefe Case (1879-1993), by José L. García-Ruiz Abbreviations of archive repositories Bibliography Index