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  • Risk and the insurance business in history

    por Pearson, Robin; Pons Pons, Jeronia

    Risk and the insurance business in history

    2020 Fundacion Mapfre

    In june 2019 the first world congress on Risk and the Insurance Business in History was convened in Seville. The organisers believed that this field of history and finally reached a critical mass of scholars ...

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  • Shareholder Democracies? "Corporate Governance in Britain and Ireland Before 1850."

    2012 Chicago U.P.

    Understanding the challenges of corporate governance is central to our comprehension of the economic dynamics driving corporations today. Among the most important institutions in capitalism, corporations and joint-stock companies had their origins in Europe during ...

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  • Insuring The Industrial Revolution

    2004 Ashgate

    Fire had always been one of the greatest threats to an early modern British society that relied on the naked flame as the prime source of heating, lighting and cooking. Yet whilst the danger of ...

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