Private Equity and Venture Capital in Europe "Markets, Techniques, and Deals"

por Caselli, Stefano; Negri, Giulia
Private Equity and Venture Capital in Europe  "Markets, Techniques, and Deals"
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ISBN: 978-0-12-812254-9
Editorial: Academic Press Inc.
Fecha de la edición: 2018
Edición Nº: 2
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 350

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Resumen del libro

Reseña: Global financial markets might seem as if they increasingly resemble each other, but a lot of peculiar aspects qualify different markets with different levels of development. Private equity investors can take advantage of these variations. Structured to provide a taxonomy of the business, Private Equity and Venture Capital in Europe, Second Edition, introduces private equity and venture capital markets while presenting new information about the core of private equity: secondary markets, private debt, PPP within private equity, crowdfunding, venture philanthropy, impact investing, and more. Every chapter has been updated, and new data, cases, examples, sections, and chapters illuminate elements unique to the European model. With the help of new pedagogical materials, this Second Edition provides marketable insights about valuation and deal-making not available elsewhere.
indice: Part 1 General Framework and Private Equity Deals 1 The Fundamentals of Private Equity and Venture Capital 2 Theoretical Foundation of Private Equity and Venture Capital 3 Clusters of Investment Within Private Equity 4 Investing in the Early Stages of a Company: Venture Capital 5 Investments in Mature Companies: Expansion Financing 6 Investments in Mature Companies: Replacement Financing 7 Investing in Mature Companies: Vulture Financing Part 2 Legal and Fiscal Framework in the Private Equity Business View less > 8 Legal Framework in Europe for Equity Investors 9 Legal Framework in the United States and United Kingdom for Equity Investors 10 Taxation Framework for Private Equity and Fiscal Impact for Equity Investors Part 3 Managing a Private Equity Investment View less > 11 The Managerial Process 12 Fundraising 13 Investing 14 Managing and Monitoring 15 Exiting 16 Listing a Private Company Part 4 Company Valuation, New Solutions, and Industry Trends View less > 17 1Company Valuation in Private and Venture Capital 18 Techniques of Equity Value Definition 19 New Trends and Solutions in the Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry 20 Strategies, Business Models, and Perspectives of Private Equity and Venture Capital