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  • Statistical And Probabilistic Methods In Actuarial Science

    2007 Chapman & Hall Co.

    Providing a solid foundation of both theory and methods, "Statistical and Probabilistic Methods in Actuarial Science" offers a unified and accessible introduction to probability and statistics for students aspiring to careers in actuarial science and ...

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  • Market-Valuation Methods In Life And Pension Insurance

    por Moller, Thomas; Steffensen,Mogens

    Market-Valuation Methods In Life And Pension Insurance

    2007 Cambridge University Press

    In classical life insurance mathematics the obligations of the insurance company towards the policy holders were calculated on artificial conservative assumptions on mortality and interest rates. However, this approach is being superseded by developments in ...

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  • Code Des Assurances : Edition 2006

    por Callewaert, Vincent; Dubuisson,Bernard; Evrard, Annette

    Code Des Assurances : Edition 2006

    2007 Bruylant Editions

    Le présent ouvrage rassemble l'ensemble des textes légaux et réglementaires applicables en matière d'assurance. Destiné tant aux étudiants qu'aux praticiens (avocats, magistrats, gestionnaires de sinistres, courtiers, agents...), il répertorie successivement la loi générale du 25 ...

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  • The Principle Of Indemnity In Marine Insurance Contracts

    2007 Springer

    With the global expansion of the maritime sector, marine insurance is on the forefront nowadays, more than ever before. Notwithstanding this growth, a vast number of legal disputes continues to emerge, with indemnity being, inter ...

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  • Estadística Actuarial Vida

    por Ayuso, Mercedes; Corrales, H.; Guillen, Mauro F.; Perez-Marin, A.M.; Rojo, J.L.

    Estadística Actuarial Vida

    2007 Universidad De Barcelona

    En la ciencia actuarial, la estadística actuarial vida aporta la metodología fundamental para el cálculo de probabilidades y técnicas de ajuste que intervienen en el diseño de productos aseguradores de vida y de pensiones; por ...

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  • Longevidad y Dependencia en España
    Consecuencias Sociales y Económicas

    por Guillen Estany, Monserrat

    Longevidad y Dependencia en España

    2006 Fundacion Bbva

    En un momento en el que se ha puesto en primer plano la necesidad de desarrollar un Sistema Nacional de Dependencia que permita afrontar con garantías el bienestar de las futuras generaciones, se hace imprescindible ...

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  • Encyclopedia Of Insurance Law. Set 2 Vol.

    2006 Sweet And Maxwell

    This work has now been significantly revamped and expanded with a new editorial team to guarantee the broadest coverage on all aspects of insurance law and practice. The Encyclopedia provides an authoritative and relevant source ...

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  • Colinvaux'S Law Of Insurance

    por Merkin, Robert

    Colinvaux'S Law Of Insurance

    2006 Sweet And Maxwell

    Colinvaux presents a thorough but concisely written analysis of all areas of insurance law. Beginning with the contract and insurance policies, it goes on to consider the parties involved, before examining individually marine, life, accident, ...

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  • Las Nic y el Plan Contable de Entidades Aseguradoras.

    2006 Fundacion Mapfre

    Manual que trata el estudio de las Normas Internacionales de Contabilidad NIC, así como del plan contable de las entidades aseguradoras en España.

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  • Riley On Business Interruption Insurance

    por Cloughton, David; The London business interruption association

    Riley On Business Interruption Insurance

    2006 Sweet And Maxwell

    This book provides an international guide to business interruption insurance, containing detailed comparison of UK and US practice and procedure. It focuses on the wordings of policies in both the UK and US, but also ...

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  • Los Planes y Fondos de Pensiones "Elementos Clave de Previsión Social"
    Elementos Clave de Previsión Social

    por Garcia Viña, Jordi

    Los Planes y Fondos de Pensiones "Elementos Clave de Previsión Social"

    2006 Tirant Lo Blanch

    Los planes y fondos de pensiones representan, sin lugar a dudas, un elemento clave de la previsión social complementaria en nuestro país. Los datos económicos de 2005 no permiten albergar ninguna duda: un volumen de ...

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  • Operational Risk: Modeling Analytics.

    2006 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Enterprise Risk Management provides a highly detailed development of the many probabilistic and statistical methods that are used in operational risk. These methods have traditionally been developed in the insurance/actuarial field, but they are now ...

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  • Annuity Markets And Pension Reform

    por Mackenzie, George A.

    Annuity Markets And Pension Reform

    2006 Cambridge University Press

    This book treats two vital but neglected public policy issues: how should distributions from individual accounts be regulated, and how can the market for private annuities function better? It provides a comprehensive survey of the ...

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  • Pensionomics: On The Role Of Paygo In Pension Portfolios

    2006 Springer Verlag

    "Pensionomics" puts forward a portfolio perspective on the combination of funded and unfunded pension arrangements. In a second-best type argument it is formally shown that a Pay-As-You-Go pension system can substitute the tradability of human ...

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  • Competitive Failures In Insurance Markets: Theory And Policy Implications

    2006 Mit Press

    Leading international economists offer new insights on recent developments in the economic analysis of the limits of insurability, with particular attention of adverse selection and moral hazard. Risk sharing is a cornerstone of modern economies. ...

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  • The Law Of Reinsurance
    1st Supplement

    por O'Neill, Terry; Woloniecki, Jan

    The Law Of Reinsurance

    2006 Sweet And Maxwell

    "The Law of Reinsurance" provides a comprehensive guide to both the law and practice in this complex area of law. This new edition has been extensively revised following a period of significant change in the ...

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  • Stochastic Ageing And Dependence For Reliability

    2006 Springer

    Ageing and dependence are two important characteristics in reliability and survival analysis, and they affect significantly the decision people make with regard to maintenance, repair/replacement, price setting, warranties, medical studies, and other areas. There are ...

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