Government and Business "American Political Economy in Comparative Perspective"

por Lehne, Richard
Government and Business "American Political Economy in Comparative Perspective"
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ISBN: 978-1-60871-017-1
Editorial: Sage Publications
Fecha de la edición: 2012
idioma: Español
Nº Pág.: 384


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Resumen del libro

Reseña: In the wake of worldwide economic turmoil and efforts toward recovery, understanding the interdependence of government and business is more important than ever. In this thoroughly updated edition, Lehne takes a comparative approach, evaluating the U.S. political economy with respect to those of Great Britain, Germany, Japan, and the EU. The book provides detailed historical context for, and a conceptual understanding of, the business-government environment, and then clarifies the roles of the major actors and outlines the regulatory and policy frameworks. Along the way, Lehne probes some of the most crucial dilemmas facing government and business today. Updates to this edition include: expanded coverage of ethics as it relates to government and business; greater attention to China in particular in the feature boxes on developing nations; and a look at relations between government and business at the subnational level. A comprehensive glossary and chapter summaries enhance student learning
indice: PART ONE: ENVIRONMENT FOR GOVERNMENT-BUSINESS RELATIONS Origins of Government and Business Creating Government-Business Relations The Stakes in Governmental Systems Corporate Governance and Public Space Responsibility Globalization of Business Activity PART TWO: CORPORATE ACTIVITIES IN THE POLITICAL ARENA The Advocacy Environment: Public Opinion, Unions, and Groups Corporations and Business Associations in the Political Arena Lobbying Connections 9. Why Does Business Win and Lose in Politics? PART THREE: GOVERNMENT POLICIES AND BUSINESS Business and Economic Policy Regulatory Policy Antitrust and Competition Policy in the New Economy Industrial Policy and High-Tech Industries Global Trade Policies Business as Social Actor