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  • International Business "Perspectives from developed and emerging markets"

    2017 Routledge

    This book provides students with a balanced perspective on business in a global environment, exploring implications for multinational companies in developed and emerging markets. This is the first text of its kind to emphasize strategic ...

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  • International Business "Strategy And The Multinational Company"
    Strategy And The Multinational Company

    por Cullen, John B.

    International Business "Strategy And The Multinational Company"

    2009 Routledge

    A new international business text for a new and ever changing global environment. With a unique chapter covering International E-Commerce, Cullen is written in a unique way. Issues link the chapters. The logic is that ...

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  • Managing Financial Resources

    por Broadbent, Michael; Cullen, John B.

    Managing Financial Resources

    2003 Butterworth-Heinemann

    Addressing the complicated issues of financial planning, this text includes coverage of statistical and cost analysis, basic accounting procedures, methods of improving profitability and techniques of financial monitoring and control. Real examples and case studies ...


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