Winning at Innovation "The A-to-F Model"

por Trías de Bes, Fernando
Winning at Innovation "The A-to-F Model"
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ISBN: 978-1-137-47917-4
Editorial: Palgrave
Fecha de la edición: 2015
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 293


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Resumen del libro

Reseña: Innovate or Die! Companies that cannot innovate and develop new products, strategies and technologies to keep ahead in today's fast paced market will not succeed. Winning at Innovation presents a ground breaking new model for successful marketing advancement from two world-leading experts in marketing and innovation, Fernando Trias de Bes and Philip Kotler. Innovation is a responsibility normally assigned to R&D departments but this is not enough. Companies need a systematic framework so innovation can occur at any level of the organization. The A-F Model is a step-by-step process for developing a successful culture of innovation, bringing together the different individuals and groups across the organization for ideas to be created, developed and implemented. Offering flexibility, the model allows a back and forth flow of ideas and creativity to adapt to changing circumstances. Using this model, companies can learn how to make their innovation processes more effective, more sustainable, and more successful. Innovation must be a priority for organizations who want to be ready to grow and develop in post-recession economies. Trias de Bes and Kotler present a unique model for innovation for all companies that want to succeed in the global field.
indice: 1. Introduction 2. Entrepreneurial Barriers To Innovation PART I 3. Overall Picture Of The A-To-F Model 4. Activators 5. Browsers 6. Creators 7. Developers 8. Executors 9. Facilitators 10. The Advantages Of Designing Innovation Processes With The A-To-F Model 11. Annex I - Examples Of Processes Design Using The A-To-F Model 12. Annex II - Detail Of Collaboration Tasks And Examples PART II 13. Planning Innovation 14. Metrics 15. How To Foster a Creative Culture 16. Incentive And Rewards


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