Tourism Destination Management in a Post-Pandemic Context "Global Issues and Destination Management Solutions"

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Tourism Destination Management in a Post-Pandemic Context "Global Issues and Destination Management Solutions"
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ISBN: 978-1-80071-512-7
Editorial: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Fecha de la edición: 2021
idioma: Ingles
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Reseña: 2020 has left an indelible mark on the history of travel and tourism worldwide leaving tourist destinations with long-term lessons to learn from the impacts of COVID-19. Tourism destinations are looking for new guidelines and original research that offer management solutions to deal with the damage wrought by the pandemic. Tourism Destination Management in a Post-Pandemic Context gives an enriching insight into the issues and challenges faced by tourism destinations during and after the pandemic, exposing emerging trends and proposing novel management solutions in order to develop coping capacities of destinations and build resilience against the effects of potential future pandemics Drawing on lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic, this expansive collection presents cases and competency frameworks to advance theoretical and empirical knowledge in the management of destinations post-pandemic.
indice: Introduction: Destination Management Solutions Post Pandemic: a need of the hour!; Vanessa GB Gowreesunkar, Shem Wambugu Maingi, Hiran Roy, and Roberto Micera Part I. Destination Management Post Pandemic Chapter 1. The Recovery tactics of Tourism industry amid COVID19 Pandemic Conditions In The Baltic States; Agita Livina, Galina Bukovska, Abols Ilgvars, and Mahender Reddy Gavinolla Chapter 2. Destination management solution post COVID-19: Best practice from Bali - A world cultural tourism destination; I Nengah Subadra Chapter 3. Heritage tourism and COVID-19 - Turning the crisis into opportunity within the Egyptian context; Islam Elgammal and Hassan Refaat Chapter 4. COVID-19 pandemic and the accommodation sector in Sardinia, Italy: impacts and response actions; Giacomo del Ciappa Part II. Disaster Management Post Pandemic Chapter 5. Tourism disaster preparedness Post COVID-19 Pandemic: the example of Argentina; Maximiliano Korstanje Chapter 6. Tourist Safety and Security Post COVID-19: Global perspectives; Crispin Dale, Neil Robinson, and Faisal Sheikh Chapter 7. Uganda Tourism Sector COVID-19 Response, Recovery and Sustainability strategies: Lessons from Previous Virus Disease Outbreaks; Mugizi Francis, Ayorekire Jim, and Obua Joseph Chapter 8. Tourism Resilience in the context of Tourism Destination Management in Post-COVID-19 Bangladesh; Masudur Rahman, Abureza M Muzareba, Sanjida Amin, Anisur R. Faroque, and Mohammad Osman Gani Part III. Local Communities and Destination Recovery Post Pandemic Chapter 9. Exploring impacts of a Health crisis on emotional solidarity and support for tourism: Case of Mauritius; Chaya Hurnath and Kiran Dookhony-Ramphul Chapter 10. Residents as destination influencers during the COVID-19; Villena Alarcón, Eduardo and Caballero-Galeote, Lidia Chapter 11. Contributions and challenges of Civil Society Organizations in tourism in Kenya; Jane Wamaitha Munene Chapter 12. Gender disparities in employability in the tourism sector Post COVID-19 Pandemic: Case of South Africa; Juliet Chipumuro, Radu Mihailescu, and Azzurra Rinaldi Part IV. Marketing and Promotion of Destinations Post Pandemic Chapter 13. Effect of perceived risk on tourist behavioral intentions post COVID in Turkey; Mehmet Ismail Yagci, Ümit Dogrul, Lina Öztürk, and Avni Can Yagci Chapter 14. Enhancing Cultural Heritage at the time of the COVID-19 outbreak: An Overview of ICT strategies adopted by Museums in the Campania Region of Italy; Luisa Varriale, Tiziana Volpe, and Valentina Noviello Chapter 15. Sport events and tourism for the Sustainable Local Development post-COVID-19; Carmen Bizzarri and Paolo Giuntarelli Part V. Sustaining Tourism Post Pandemic Chapter 16. Challenges in Developing Sustainable Tourism Post COVID-19 Pandemic; Rinzing Lama and Alka Rai Chapter 17. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Social Sustainability in Tourism: A Study of Uttarakhand State of India; Neha Mishra and Anindya Mishra Chapter 18. Redefining Sustainability in the Conservation and Promotion of the Cultural Heritage Tourism Product in Kenya; Ephraim Wahome and Joan Gathungu Chapter 19. Does your post COVID-19 travel dream talk about Sustainability: Insights from potential tourists in India; Indu, Bindu and Kuldeep Singh Part VI. Tourism Education Post Pandemic Chapter 20. Resilience adaptations in Tourism Education for the Post COVID-19 Era: A study of India;Suneeth Bosipoina Golla, Simran Kashyap, Gavinolla Mahender Reddy and Vikranth Kaushal Chapter 21. Reviving tourism in India post COVID-19 pandemic: role of Tourism education and training; Vikas Gupta and Garima Sahu Chapter 22. Adopt, Adapt or Perish: Re-Building Support Systems for Travel and Tourism Education in COVID-19 Educational Crisis; Nazeerah Sheik Abbass, Faraknaaz Essmallgee, and Pravina Cooshna-Gunputh Conclusion: Rebuilding Tourism Post Pandemic: Some Reflections on Destination Management Solutions!; Vanessa GB Gowreesunkar, Shem Wambugu Maingi, Hiran Roy, and Roberto Micera