Theories of Practice in Tourism

por Halkier, Henrik; James, Laura; Ren, Carina
Theories of Practice in Tourism
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ISBN: 978-1-138-06170-5
Editorial: Routledge
Fecha de la edición: 2018
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 180


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Resumen del libro

Reseña: Tourism research that is inspired by theories of practice is currently gaining in prominence. This book provides a much-needed introduction to the potential applications of theories of practice in tourism studies. It brings together a variety of approaches exploring how theories of practice bridge themes and fields which are usually addressed separately within tourism research: consumption and production; travel and the everyday; governance and policy; technology and the social. The book critically engages with practices as a fruitful approach to tourism research as well as how the particularities of tourism might inform our understanding of practice theories. This book contributes to conceptual and methodological debates providing insights from authors who have engaged with practice theory as an entry point to researching tourism. It offers a solid starting point for researchers and students alike who wish to learn about, and try, this approach, as well as explore its possibilities and limitations in the field of tourism.
indice: Foreword Theodore R. Schatzki 1. Practices in and of tourism Carina Ren, Laura James and Henrik Halkier 2. The Practice of Slow Travel: Understanding practitioners recruitment, career and defection Christian Fuentes and Anette Svingstedt 3. Theorising Practices of Walking in Tourism Kevin Hannam and Alexandra Witte 4. Running and tourism: A practice approach Jonas Larsen 5. With the rhythm of nature: Reordering everyday life through holiday living Outi Rantala 6. Cooking as practice: An aesthetic approach for tourism and hospitality Marcelo de Souza Bispo, Lídia Cunha Soares and Erica Dayane Chaves Cavalcante 7. Practicing Tourism Development: The Case of Coastal Destination Development Policy in Denmark Laura James and Henrik Halkier 8. Tourism innovation by bundling practices: A genealogy of the 'Zeelandpas destination card Timo Derriks, René van der Duim and Karin Peters 9. Smart Tourism: a practice approach Carina Ren, Morten Krogh Petersen and Tanja Knoblauch Nielsen 10. Bringing together tourism practices: Experiences from the International Student Competition of Fermo (Italy) Giovanna Bertella, Cristina Santini and Alessio Cavicchi 11. Tourism and theories of practice: key themes and future directions Laura James, Carina Ren and Henrik Halkier