The Digital Frontier "How Consumer Companies Can Create Massive Value Through Digital Transformation"

por Sohoni, Ajay
The Digital Frontier "How Consumer Companies Can Create Massive Value Through Digital Transformation"
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ISBN: 978-1-119-80324-9
Editorial: Wiley & Sons Ltd.
Fecha de la edición: 2021
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 288


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Resumen del libro

Reseña: Discover how to move forward with your own companys digital transformation with this accessible new resource from a global leader in his field In The Digital Frontier, experienced executive and distinguished author Ajay Sohoni delivers a relatable and readable reference for corporate executives who need the knowledge and confidence to build lasting digital change within their enterprise. From marketing to commercial, supply chain, and finance, the book offers actionable insights in an accessible format, full of anecdotes, humor, and case examples. Youll learn which areas to focus on and which not to worry about as you craft your own custom transformation journey. In the book, youll also find: A demystification of the startup world for executives and an explanation of why unicorns exist (and so often ultimately fail)A detailed description of the digital transformation gripping companies across a variety of industries in functional areas including advertising, engagement, commerce, product development, manufacturing, and corporate functionsA simplified 4-stage framework for companies to start from scratch and build valuable use cases Perfect for executives in consumer-facing companies, corporate managers and leaders, business unit heads and management teams, The Digital Frontier is also an indispensable guide for digital non-natives trying to make sense of, and keep up with, the rapidly changing world around them.
indice: Why I wrote this book and why you should read it 3 CHAPTER 1 - Setting the Context 8 Let There Be Value Creation 8 The Technology That Powers It 27 The Key Consumer Trends of The Next Decade 47 Stepping Back Before Diving In 72 CHAPTER 2 - How Companies Reach Consumers 80 Future of out of home media 82 Future of TV advertising 89 A new kind of personal device 97 A new way of building Ad creatives 105 CHAPTER 3 - How Companies Engage with Consumers 114 Harnessing your consumer base 116 The future of loyalty programs 124 Providing additional value through digital products 132 Engaging through the intangibles 139 CHAPTER 4 - How Consumers Transact 149 The future of at home eCommerce 151 The future of on the go commerce 160 The future of Browse purchases 168 The future of consultation 176 CHAPTER 5 - How Companies Create Products and Brands 184 The future of consumer research 186 Future of personalization 194 Continued relevance of brands 202 The future localized franchise 210 CHAPTER 6 - How Companies Manufacture and Distribute Products 218 The factory of the future 220 Future logistics 228 Digitization of the route to market 236 The circular economy of the future 244 CHAPTER 7 - How Companies Work Together 252 The future of finance 255 The future of employment 265 The future of leadership 273 The future of government 281 CHAPTER 8 - Making the Transformation Happen 287 The 33 framework - 9 steps to build and execute a digital transformation 289 EPIC 1 - IMAGINE your digital future 292 EPIC 2 - BUILD your transformation unit 301 EPIC 3 - OPERATE the digital transformation 309 Epilogue 319