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  • Handbook Of Solvency For Actuaries And Risk Managers "Theory And Practice"

    2010 Routledge

    Serving as a one-stop shop for actuaries and risk managers, this handbook presents a complete overview of solvency and the European Solvency II standard formula. It discusses the development of solvency and risk management as ...

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  • 101 Ejercicios Resueltos de Estadistica Actuarial Vida

    2010 Garceta Grupo Editorial

    La Estadística Actuarial Vida es usualmente observada como una disciplina muy técnica y sistemática que es preciso dominar para la correcta valoración de los riesgos asociados a los productos de seguros de vida y de ...

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  • Risk Analysis in Finance and Insurance

    por Melnikov, Alexander

    Risk Analysis in Finance and Insurance

    2010 Routledge

    The development of quantitative methods based on stochastic analysis is a key achievement of modern financial mathematics. These methods can be extended and applied in the area of actuarial science, which leads to unified methods ...

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  • Market-Consistent Actuarial Valuation

    2010 Springer Verlag

    It is a challenging task to read the balance sheet of an insurance company. This derives from the fact that different positions are often measured by different yardsticks. Assets, for example, are mostly valued at ...

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  • The Appeal Of Insurance

    por Clark, Geoffrey

    The Appeal Of Insurance

    2010 Toronto University Press

    Insurance today is a global economic colossus and a fixture in the developed countries of the world. Dependant upon a considerable dose of moral exhortation and enlightened appeal, the insurance industry has become a pervasive ...

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  • Insurance Theory And Practice

    2010 Routledge

    This book provides a comprehensive overview of the theory, functioning, management and legal background of the insurance industry. Written in accessible, non-technical style, Insurance Theory and Practice begins with an examination of the insurance concept, ...

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  • Non-Life Insurance Pricing with Generalized Linear Models

    2010 Springer Verlag

    Non-life insurance pricing is the art of setting the price of an insurance policy, taking into consideration varoius properties of the insured object and the policy holder. Introduced by British actuaries generalized linear models (GLMs) ...

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  • La Responsabilidad Civil en el Ámbito del Seguro Obligatorio del Automovil

    2009 La Ley

    Durante mucho tiempo se ha venido creyendo que la Oficina Española de Aseguradores de Automóviles (OFESAUTO), no es otra cosa que una Entidad Aseguradora que debe responder en todo caso, de los daños y lesiones ...

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  • Regression Modeling With Actuarial And Financial Applications

    2009 Cambridge University Press

    This text gives budding actuaries and financial analysts a foundation in multiple regression and time series. They will learn about these statistical techniques using data on the demand for insurance, lottery sales, foreign exchange rates, ...

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  • Nonlife Actuarial Models "Theory, Methods And Evaluation"
    Theory, Methods And Evaluation

    por Yiu-Ken Tse

    Nonlife Actuarial Models "Theory, Methods And Evaluation"

    2009 Cambridge University Press

    Actuaries must pass exams, but more than that: they must put knowledge into practice. This coherent book gives complete syllabus coverage for Exam C of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) while emphasizing the concepts and ...

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  • The Handbook Of Insurance-Linked Securities

    2009 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    This book provides hands-on information essential for market participants, drawing on the insights and expertise of an impressive team of international market players, representing the various aspects and perspectives of this growing sector. The book ...

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  • Productos y Servicios Financieros y de Seguros

    2009 Thomson Paraninfo

    El libro está enfocado al módulo profesional asignado al curso de Técnico Superior en Administración y Finanzas. Totalmente renovado y adaptado al nuevo desarrollo curricular de la titulación.

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  • The Economics Of Risk And Insurance

    2009 Blackwell Publishers

    "The Economics of Risk and Insurance" covers diverse issues such as risk aversion, expected utility, and moral hazard within the pure theory of insurance. This title provides a clear exposition of the necessary mathematics. It ...

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  • Los Seguros Aéreos
    Los Seguros de Aerolíneas y Operadores Aéreos

    por Guerrero Lebron, Maria Jesus

    Los Seguros Aéreos

    2009 Marcial Pons

    Prol. Justino F. Duque Domínguez. Los seguros aéreos, a diferencia de otras modalidades asegurativas, han sido una figura escasamente estudiada por la doctrina científica, tanto en el panorama internacional como, especialmente, en el ámbito nacional. ...

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  • The Future Of Insurance Regulation In The United States

    2009 Brookings Institution Press

    There are strong forces arrayed for and against proposals to reform insurance regulation in America. This struggle, combined with the complexity of the issues and cacophony of conflicting arguments, have likely contributed to legislative inaction. ...

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  • The Pinsent Masons Guide To Insurance Distribution

    2009 Kogan Page

    A key industry text containing authoritative information and advice on the main issues facing insurance companies, their partners and in-house lawyers when creating partnering distribution agreements - those detailed arrangements between insurers and the parties ...

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