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  • América y el mar

    por Barrientos Marquez, Maria del Mar; Gullón Abao, Alberto

    América y el mar

    2019 Universidad De Cadiz

    América y el mar pretende analizar desde un punto de vista prismático la interacción del hombre con el mar y el continente americano, agrupando el trabajo en cinco áreas temáticas: "instituciones y la política naval", ...

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  • American Capitalism "New Histories"

    por Beckert, S.; Desan, Christine

    American Capitalism "New Histories"

    2019 Columbia University Press

    The United States has long epitomized capitalism. From its enterprising shopkeepers, wildcat banks, violent slave plantations, huge industrial working class, and raucous commodities trade to its world-spanning multinationals, its massive factories, and the centripetal power ...

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  • The Economics of the Roman Stone Trade

    2019 Oxford University Press

    The use of stone in vast quantities is a ubiquitous and defining feature of the material culture of the Roman world. In this volume, Russell provides a new and wide-ranging examination of the production, distribution, ...

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  • The Global Economy "A Concise History"

    por Amatori, Franco; Colli, Andrea

    The Global Economy "A Concise History"

    2019 Routledge

    The Global Economy: A Concise History traces the history of the global economy over the past thousand years. In doing so, it explores all the main waves of globalization, from the trade revolution of the ...

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  • American Empire "A Global History"

    2019 Princeton University Press

    A new history of the United States that turns American exceptionalism on its head American Empire is a panoramic work of scholarship that presents a bold new global perspective on the history of the United ...

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  • A Global History of Runaways "Workers, Mobility, and Capitalism, 1600-1850"

    por Chakraborty, Titas; Rediker, Marcus; Van Rossum, Matthias

    A Global History of Runaways "Workers, Mobility, and Capitalism, 1600-1850"

    2019 California U.P.

    During global capitalism's long ascent from 1600-1850, workers of all kinds-slaves, indentured servants, convicts, domestic workers, soldiers, and sailors-repeatedly ran away from their masters and bosses, with profound effects. A Global History of Runaways, edited ...

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  • Ideas in the History of Economic Development "The Case of Peripheral Countries"

    por Lazzarini, Andrés; Melnik, Denis; Trincado Aznar, Estrella

    Ideas in the History of Economic Development "The Case of Peripheral Countries"

    2019 Routledge

    This edited volume examines the relationship between economic ideas, economic policies and development institutions, analysing the cases of 11 peripheral countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It sheds ...

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  • American Bonds "How Credit Markets Shaped a Nation"

    2019 Princeton University Press

    How the American government has long used financial credit programs to create economic opportunities Federal housing finance policy and mortgage-backed securities have gained widespread attention in recent years because of the 2008 financial crisis, but ...

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  • The Making of the Modern Mediterranean  "Views from the South"

    2019 California U.P.

    Studies of the pivotal historic place of the Mediterranean have long been dominated by specialists of its northern shores, that is, by European historians. The seven leading authors in this groundbreaking volume challenge views of ...

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  • Coping with Financial Crises "Some Lessons from Economic History"

    2019 Springer Verlag

    This edited volume is based on original essays first presented at the World Economic History Conference, Kyoto, Japan, in August 2015. It also includes three essays subsequently written especially for this volume. All of the ...

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  • Imperial Designs "The Ships, Colonies and Commerce Tokens of Canada "

    2019 Oxbow Books

    Imperial Designs is the first entirely new study of the Ships, Colonies and Commerce tokens of Canada in 100 years. Its aim is to deepen appreciation of a common nineteenth century token which circulated widely ...

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  • Power, Prose, and Purse "Law, Literature, and Economic Transformations"

    por LaCroix, Alison; Levmore, Saul; Nussbaum, Martha C.

    Power, Prose, and Purse "Law, Literature, and Economic Transformations"

    2019 Oxford University Press

    From Anthony Trollop to Sinclair Lewis, and from Jane Austen to James Joyce and John Steinbeck, many important novels touch on fundamental questions about the role of money in human affairs. These questions are explored ...

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  • La moneda en la antigüedad

    por López Sánchez, Fernando

    La moneda en la antigüedad

    2019 Sintesis Editorial

    Esta obra explora catorce siglos de emisiones monetales (VII a. C.-VII d. C.), no solo en el mundo griego o romano, sino también en el persa, el indio o el chino. Con su lenguaje breve ...

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  • The Ascent of Money "A Financial History of the World "

    2019 Penguin Book

    Bread, cash, dosh, dough, loot. Call if what you like, it matters now more than ever. In The Ascent of Money, Niall Ferguson shows that financial history is the back-story to all history. From the ...

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  • A Treatise on Abundance (1638) and Early Modern Views of Poverty and Famine

    2019 Anthem Press

    'A "Treatise on Abundance" (1638) and Early Modern Views of Poverty and Famine' is an edited English translation of Carlo Tapia's 'Trattato dell'abondanza'. First published in Naples in 1638, the treatise offered the earliest systematic ...

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  • La Función Pública en España (1827-2007)

    por Muñoz Llinás, Jaime Ignacio

    La Función Pública en España (1827-2007)

    2019 B.O.E.

    La obra de Jaime Ignacio Muñoz Llinás nos permite comprobar cómo se han ido conformando las diversas relaciones jurídicas entre la Administración y el personal a su servicio, mediante la configuración de un modelo de ...

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El Gran Escape "Salud, riqueza y los orígenes de la desigualdad"

Para Angus Deaton la estimulante historia del progreso material es también el relato de cómo se ha extendido la desigualdad entre los países y dentro de los países. Los indudables avances de la medicina han ...

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Money "5000 Years of Debt and Power"

The major French economist offers a new theory of money As the financial crisis reached its climax in September 2008, the most important figure on the planet was Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. The whole ...

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Historia económica de la felicidad "Una nueva visión de la historia del mundo"

¿Existe una relación entre desarrollo económico y felicidad? En la historia humana, desde la aparición de los primeros homínidos hasta nuestros días, hay tres grandes revoluciones que son a la vez económicas y culturales y ...

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The Rise and Fall of American Growth  "Standard of Living Since the Civil War "

In the century after the Civil War, an economic revolution improved the American standard of living in ways previously unimaginable. Electric lighting, indoor plumbing, motor vehicles, air travel, and television transformed households and workplaces. But ...

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