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  • The Debt Delusion "Living Within Our Means and Other Fallacies"

    2019 Polity Press

    'Governments should spend no more than their tax income. Most people in Europe and North America accept this statement as simple common sense. It resonates with the deeply engrained economic metaphors that dominate public discourse, ...

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  • The Evolutionary Origins of Markets

    2019 Routledge

    Our elaborate market exchange system owes its existence not to our calculating brain or insatiable self-centeredness, but rather to our sophisticated and nuanced human sociality and to the inherent rationality built into our emotions. The ...

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  • Change Everything "Creating an Economy for the Common Good "

    2019 Zed Books Ltd

    Is it possible for businesses to have a bottom line that is not profit and endless growth, but human dignity, justice, sustainability and democracy? Or an alternative economic model that is untainted by the greed ...

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  • Good Economics for Hard Times "Better Answers to Our Biggest Problems"

    2019 Allen Lane/Penguin

    FROM THE WINNERS OF THE 2019 NOBEL PRIZE IN ECONOMICS 'Wonderfully refreshing . . . A must read' Thomas Piketty In this revolutionary book, prize-winning economists Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo show how economics, ...

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  • Why Austerity Persists

    por Blad, Cory; Shefner, Jon

    Why Austerity Persists

    2019 Polity Press

    Several nations in the Global North have turned to austerity policies in an effort to resolve recent financial ills. What many failed to recognize is the longer history and varied pattern of such policies in ...

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  • Measuring Social Welfare "An Introduction"

    2019 Oxford University Press

    Disputes over government policies rage in a number of areas. From taxation to climate change, from public finance to risk regulation, and from health care to infrastructure planning, advocates debate how policies affect multiple dimensions ...

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  • When the President Calls "Conversations With Economic Policymakers"

    2019 Mit Press

    Interviews with thirty-five economic policymakers who advised presidents from Nixon to Trump. What is it like to sit in the Oval Office and discuss policy with the president? To know that the decisions made will ...

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  • Behavioural Macroeconomics "Theory and Policy "

    por De Grauwe, Paul; Ji, Yuemei

    Behavioural Macroeconomics "Theory and Policy "

    2019 Oxford University Press

    Modern macroeconomics has been based on the paradigm of the rational individual capable of understanding the complexity of the world. This has created a very shallow theory of the business cycle in which nothing happens ...

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  • Capital et Idéologie

    por Piketty, Thomas

    Capital et Idéologie

    2019 Seuil Editons

    Toutes les sociétés humaines ont besoin de justifier leurs inégalités : il faut leur trouver des raisons, faute de quoi c'est l'ensemble de l'édifice politique et social qui menace de s'effondrer. Les idéologies du passé, ...

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  • Sovereign Debt "A Guide for Economists and Practitioners"

    por Abbas, S. Ali; Pienkowski, Alex; Rogoff, Kenneth S.

    Sovereign Debt "A Guide for Economists and Practitioners"

    2019 Oxford University Press

    The last time global sovereign debt reached the level seen today was at the end of the Second World War, and this shaped a generation of economic policymaking. International institutions were transformed, country policies were ...

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  • Evolutionary Economics "Its Nature and Future"

    2019 Cambridge University Press

    This Element examines the historical emergence of evolutionary economics, its development into a strong research theme after 1980, and how it has hosted a diverse set of approaches. Its focus on complexity, economic dynamics and ...

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  • Who Wants What? "Redistribution Preferences in Comparative Perspective"

    2019 Cambridge University Press

    Why do some people support redistributive policies such as a generous welfare state, social policy or protections for the poor, and others do not? The (often implicit) model behind much of comparative politics and political ...

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  • Money "A Theory of Modern Society"

    por Stehr, Nico; Voss, Dustin

    Money "A Theory of Modern Society"

    2019 Routledge

    Since the publication of Georg Simmels Philosophy of Money more than a century ago, social science has primarily considered money a medium of exchange. This new book treats money as a more inclusive social concept ...

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  • Introducción a la Macroeconomía

    por Mochon Morcillo, Francisco

    Introducción a la Macroeconomía

    2019 Mcgraw-Hill Interamericana de España

    Este manual reúne el contenido teórico básico e imprescindible para abordar un curso introductorio a la Macroeconomía en el marco de los programas universitarios de Grado del área de Economía y Empresa. El libro está ...

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  • Chicago Price Theory

    por Jaffe, Sonia; Minton, Robert; Mulligan, Casey B.; Murphy, Kevin M.

    Chicago Price Theory

    2019 Princeton University Press

    An authoritative textbook based on the legendary economics course taught at the University of Chicago Price theory is a powerful analytical toolkit for measuring, explaining, and predicting human behavior in the marketplace. This incisive textbook ...

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  • Felicidad. Una inmersión rápida

    por Krishna Dutt, Amitava; Radcliff, Benjamin

    Felicidad. Una inmersión rápida

    2019 Tibidabo Ediciones

    Este libro proporciona una breve inmersión al concepto de felicidad examinando los estudios académicos sobre el mismo. Entre las preguntas que explora encontramos: ¿Qué significa la felicidad? ¿Es un concepto que es posible entender en ...

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  • Governing Complexity "Analyzing and Applying Polycentricity"

    por Blomquist, William A.; Garrick, Dustin E.; Thiel, Andreas

    Governing Complexity "Analyzing and Applying Polycentricity"

    2019 Cambridge University Press

    There has been a rapid expansion of academic interest and publications on polycentricity. In the contemporary world, nearly all governance situations are polycentric, but people are not necessarily used to thinking this way. Governing Complexity ...

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  • Heterodox Macroeconomics "Models of Demand, Distribution and Growth"

    2019 Edward Elgar

    The last few decades have witnessed an outpouring of literature on macroeconomic models in the broad 'heterodox tradition of Marx, Keynes, Robinson, Kaldor and Kalecki. These models yield an alternative analytical framework in which the ...

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Ecobook recomienda

Estabilizando una economía inestable

En 1986, Hyman Minsky (1919-1996) escribió esta innovadora -y profética- obra sobre economía e inversión. Estabilizando una economía inestable es un clásico de la teoría económica que describe, entre otros temas: La inclinación natural de ...

pvp.38.95 €

Free Lunch Thinking "How Economics Ruins the Economy"

Economic theories and models shape our everyday lives. They are relied on by politicians when tax rises or cuts are being considered. They inform debates about everything from bonuses for CEOs to minimum wage rates ...

pvp.17.50 €

Exuberancia irracional

por Shiller, Robert J.

Exuberancia irracional

En esta edición revisada, actualizada y ampliada de su bestseller del New York Times, el economista ganador del Premio Nobel Robert Shiller, que ya advirtió de la burbuja tecnológica y de la de la vivienda, ...

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Economía rosquilla "7 maneras de pensar la economía del siglo XXI"

La economía no funciona. Ha sido incapaz de predecir, y no digamos de impedir, las crisis financieras que han sacudido los cimientos de nuestras sociedades. Sus obsoletas teorías han permitido la existencia de un mundo ...

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