Managing Reputation in the Banking Industry "Theory and Practice"

por Dell'Atti, Stefano; Trotta, Annarita
Managing Reputation in the Banking Industry "Theory and Practice"
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ISBN: 978-3-319-28254-1
Editorial: Springer Verlag
Fecha de la edición: 2016
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 199


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Reseña: The topic of reputational crisis in the banking sector has received increasing attention from academics and practitioners. This book presents expert contributions that cover three main aspects: first, an extensive review of the literature on reputational risk in the banking sector aimed to identify the relationships between causes, effects, stakeholders, and key qualitative-quantitative variables involved during the reputational crisis of a bank; second, devising a conceptual framework for management of reputational crisis in banking, and finally, testing this framework with the results of an empirical analysis carried out by observing key variables of some known cases of reputational crisis relating to international banks and proposing case studies regarding the dynamic process of reputation management.
indice: Frontmatter. - Part I: Theoretical Foundations. .- Chapter 1: Reputation, Reputational Risk And Reputational Crisis In The Banking Industry: State Of The Art And Concepts For Improvements. - Chapter 2: Reputation, Reputational Crisis And Corporate Social Responsibility Of Banks: Measurement And Relationships.- Part II: Learning From Case Studies.- Chapter 3: The Libor Case And Focus On Barclays.- Chapter 4: The Case Study Of Goldman Sachs.- Chapter 5: The Case Study Of Lehman Brothers.- Chapter 6: Unicredit And Reputation: A Journey Integrating Stakeholders' Perceptions Into Business Planning And Strategies.- Chapter 7: Intesa Sanpaolo: A Case Study On Reputation Management And Its Relationship To Corporate Social Reputation.- Part III: From Experience To Knowledge.- Chapter 8: Managing Reputation: Reflections And Operational Suggestions.