Handbook of Research on Crowdfunding

por Landstrom, Hans; Mason, Colin; Parhankangas, Annaleena
Handbook of Research on Crowdfunding
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ISBN: 978-1-78811-720-3
Editorial: Edward Elgar
Fecha de la edición: 2019
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 416

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Resumen del libro

Reseña: Crowdfunding is a hot topic and this Handbook provides a service to the research community by codifying, discussing and examining research in this area. It will be a starting point for researchers seeking high quality research in this new and important area. The digitalization revolution has significantly altered conditions for financing new and small firms. Crowdfunding is at the forefront of this movement. While research in this area has increased significantly, it is heavily fragmented. Reflecting on this, the Handbook of Research on Crowdfunding reviews and synthesizes current knowledge on crowdfunding finance and provides an agenda for further research. This Handbook covers the role of crowdfunding and the platforms used, as well as discussing the characteristics of crowdfunders themselves and the businesses that seek finance from the 'crowd. It also investigates the process once crowdfunding is complete, and how it is used by non-profit, social and creative ventures as well as for-profit businesses. Potential negative aspects are also discussed, including inequality, risk, fraud and regulation. Finally, the future of crowdfunding, including new finance models, is outlined. Bringing together a wealth of previously fragmented knowledge, this Handbook is a key reference for all entrepreneurial finance researchers as well as those interested in the effects of crowdfunding more generally across entrepreneurship, innovation, management and economics.
indice: 1. Crowdfunding: An introduction Annaleena Parhankangas, Colin Mason and Hans Landström PART I THE CHARACTERISTICS OF CROWDFUNDING 2. Crowdfunding across research fields: An overview and suggestions for future investigation Claire Ingram Bogusz 3. The role of crowdfunding in entrepreneurial finance Gary Dushnitsky and Diego Zunino PART II CROWDFUNDING PLATFORMS 4. Crowdfunding platforms: Taking stock and looking forward Michael P. Ciuchta, Roberto S. Santos, Peiyi Jia and Amy M. Yacus 5. The supply side: Profiling crowdfunders Stefan Katzenmeier, David Bendig, Steffen Strese and Malte Brettel 6. Demand-side perspectives on the democratization of finance through crowdfunding: Opportunities and challenges for early-stage finance research David M. Townsend and Richard A. Hunt PART III THE CROWDFUNDING PROCESS 7. How crowdfunding deals get done: Signaling, communication, and social capital perspectives Chandresh Baid and Thomas H. Allison 8. What happens after a crowdfunding campaign? Tom Vanacker, Silvio Vismara and Xavier Walthoff-Borm PART IV SPECIFIC ASPECTS OF CROWDFUNDING 9. Crowdfunding by non-profit and social ventures Maija Renko, Todd W. Moss and Anna Lloyd 10. An overview of crowdfunding in the creative and cultural industries Jan Tosatto, Joe Cox and Thang Nguyen 11. Inequality and crowdfunding Jason Greenberg 12. Crowdfunding: Risk, fraud and regulation Francesca Tenca and Chiara Franzoni PART V THE FUTURE OF CROWDFUNDING 13. Evolving crowdfunding models Victoriya Salomon