Data-First Marketing "How To Compete and Win In the Age of Analytics"

por Driscoll, Janet; Lim, Julia
Data-First Marketing "How To Compete and Win In the Age of Analytics"
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ISBN: 978-1-119-70121-7
Editorial: Wiley & Sons Ltd.
Fecha de la edición: 2020
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 256


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Resumen del libro

Reseña: In Data-First Marketing: How to Compete & Win in the Age of Analytics, distinguished authors Miller and Lim demystify the application of data analytics to marketing in any size business. Digital transformation has created a widening gap between what the CEO and business expect marketing to do and what the CMO and the marketing organization actually deliver. The key to unlocking the true value of marketing is data - from actual buyer behavior to targeting info on social media platforms to marketings own campaign metrics. Data is the next big battlefield for not just marketers, but also for the business because the judicious application of data analytics will create competitive advantage in the Age of Analytics. Miller and Lim show marketers where to start by leveraging their decades of experience to lay out a step-by-step process to help businesses transform into data-first marketing organizations. The book includes a self-assessment which will help to place your organization on the Data-First Marketing Maturity Model and serve as a guide for which steps you might need to focus on to complete your own transformation. Data-First Marketing: How to Compete & Win in the Age of Analytics should be used by CMOs and heads of marketing to institute a data-first approach throughout the marketing organization. Marketing staffers can pick up practical tips for incorporating data in their daily tasks using the Data-First Marketing Campaign Framework. And CEOs or anyone in the C-suite can use this book to see what is possible and then help their marketing teams to use data analytics to increase pipeline, revenue, customer loyalty - anything that drives business growth.
indice: Introduction Uncertainty about the CMO Role As Marketing is Asked to Take on More Reinventing Marketing Starts with Data and Analytics Data-First Marketing Proves Marketings Value Part I Data-Driven Marketing Is Not Enough Chapter 1 Marketing in the Age of Analytics: Proving Marketings Value to the Business Volume Metrics versus Value Metrics Digital Transformation Leads to the Age of Analytics Building a Martech Stack Multiplies the Data and Need for Analytics The New Rules Now Include Marketing Data Analytics Making the Shift to Data-First Marketing Chapter 2 Data Levels the Playing Field ' Lessons from Moneyball The Moneyball Data-First Philosophy Moneyball Marketing Lesson 1: Defy Convention - Using Data Moneyball Marketing Lesson 2: You May Not Win the World Series, but You Can Be a Contender Moneyball Marketing Lesson 3: Always Ask 'Why?' Chapter 3 Data-First Marketing: Transforming Your Marketing Organization What Is Data-First Marketing? Why Data-First Marketing? Why Isnt Marketing Already Doing This? Beginning the Transformation Chapter 4 Assessing Your Organizations Marketing Maturity Level 1. Aligning Marketing with the Business 2. Architecture and Technical Resources 3. Analyzing Data 4. Campaign Framework 5. Embracing Data-First Part II Transforming Your Organization: Adopting Data-First Marketing Chapter 5 Step 1: Marketing-Business Alignment Is Marketing a Cost Center or a Revenue Center? Shifting the Perception of Marketing from Cost Center to Revenue Center Getting Buy-In from Key Stakeholders Get Started Today Chapter 6 Step 2: Data Integration, Architecture and Technical Resources Develop a Strategy for Your Martech Stack Six Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Martech Stack Get Started Today Chapter 7 Step 3: Data Analysis Cognitive Biases: One More Lesson from Moneyball Example of Beating Cognitive Biases ' Rely on Data Overcoming Biases and Beliefs Analyzing Different Types of Marketing Data Get Started Today Chapter 8 Step 4: The Data-First Marketing Campaign Framework Development Phase Execution Phase Analysis Phase Get Started Today Chapter 9 Step 5: Data-First Marketing Staffing and Culture Starting at the Top: CMO and Marketing Leadership Marketing Staff Systemizing Data-First Marketing with the Marketing Team Empower Your Marketing Team Get Started Today Conclusion Bibliography Acknowledgments About the Authors