Advanced Introduction to Tourism Destination Management

por Ryan, Chris
Advanced Introduction to Tourism Destination Management
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ISBN: 978-1-83910-391-9
Editorial: Edward Elgar
Fecha de la edición: 2020
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 192


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Resumen del libro

Reseña: Elgar Advanced Introductions are stimulating and thoughtful introductions to major fields in the social sciences and law, expertly written by the worlds leading scholars. Designed to be accessible yet rigorous, they offer concise and lucid surveys of the substantive and policy issues associated with discrete subject areas. Written by Chris Ryan, this Advanced Introduction seeks to integrate macro and micro components of tourism destination planning into a discussion of impacts, destination development, and national, regional and site planning. Exploring the characteristics of tourism destinations, the political framework of tourism and region specific management, this accessible book offers an insightful introduction to the field. Key features include: the implementation of management techniques and policies analysis of the social, economic and environmental impacts of the global tourism industry coverage of essential topics such as the evolution of the tourist destination and marketing as a management tool. The Advanced Introduction to Tourism Destination Management will be a key resource for not only scholars and students working in tourism, but also individuals seeking to better understand this social phenomenon that is a critical driver of economic development.
indice: Contents: Preface 1. Introduction 2. Characteristics of a tourism destination 3. What is there to be managed? - the impacts of tourism 4. The evolution of the tourist destination and managerial Implications 5. The political framework of tourism 6. Tourism and marketing - is marketing a management tool? 7. The implementation of destination management techniques and policies Bibliography Index