Accounting Disrupted "How Digitalization Is Changing Finance"

por Bhimani, Al
Accounting Disrupted "How Digitalization Is Changing Finance"
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ISBN: 978-1-119-72006-5
Editorial: Wiley & Sons Ltd.
Fecha de la edición: 2021
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 192


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Reseña: Accounting Disrupted: How Digitalization is changing Finance delivers a powerful analysis of the new technological forces buffeting the accounting profession and identifies key pathways to responding to the challenges. Al Bhimani, distinguished accountant, academic, and author, shows readers how established business fundamentals are being eclipsed and that accounting has not been spared. You'll learn: How the new realities of digitalization, including big data and AI, are affecting audit work and financial management practicesHow learning fast about and from more diverse data sources is essential to the new accounting environmentWhy accounting information must start to speak to what will take place rather than about financial activities that have occurredWhat finance must do in a world of changing risks, data growth, fast digitization, and increased regulationThe author makes a compelling case that accounting now faces a crunch: it needs to reshape itself from the core because conventional financial analysis is proving too cumbersome and slow for executives in digitalized organizations. In a straightforward and illustrated style packed with case studies and practical examples, he shows readers how big data, blockchain, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence, can help accountants adapt to new realities. Perfect for finance leaders in both the private and public sectors, Accounting Disrupted also belongs on the bookshelves of accounting students who wish to better prepare for the technological and professional environment in which theyll shortly find themselves.
indice: Chapter 1 Accounting Disrupted 1 Global Forces Reshaping the Digital Economy 5 What Do Businesses Want? 10 With Great Data Power Comes Great Responsibility 12 Why Data is Growing 13 If Finance Stands Still 15 Notes 17 Chapter 2 Unleashing Digitization 19 Why is Finance Changing? 22 The Rise of Digital 24 Decision-Making and Information: A Warning! 35 Notes 38 Chapter 3 The Trouble with Finance 41 Business is No Longer Linear 43 Strategy Folklore 45 The Importance of '?s' 50 High Sales Volume Means High Profits, Right? 54 How Do New Technologies Disrupt Accounting? 56 What Now? 60 Notes 61 Chapter 4 As If Managing Costs Mattered 63 Accounting Pillars 66 A Risk from Which There is No Return 66 Volume is Half the Story 69 Growth Through Scope 76 Notes 82 Chapter 5 Learning is Everything 83 Learn Fast: Cut Costs Faster 85 Intelligent Learning 87 Push the Pedal 90 Notes 93 Chapter 6 Performance Changes 95 New Targets for Performance Management 98 Whose Performance, Anyway? 99 Operations Get Closer to Strategy 100 Incentivizing Digitalization 101 Datas Consequences 104 Digitalization Makes All Enterprises Unlike 105 On Being Data-Centric and Intuitive 106 Predictive Performance Management 108 How to Track Digitalization 110 Notes 111 Chapter 7 Digitalization and Auditing 113 Big Data: Big Audit Questions 116 RPAs, AI, and Audits 118 Blockchain is Here 121 Notes 128 Chapter 8 Better Change Your Mind 129 Unite and Conquer: The New Data Mantra 132 What Skills? 137 Risking Digital 140 The Hidden Side of Data: Careful! 144 What 'New Normal'? 147 Notes 150 Resources 153 Index 157