A Research Agenda for Sustainable Tourism

por Bosak, Keith; McCool, Stephen F.
A Research Agenda for Sustainable Tourism
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ISBN: 978-1-78811-709-8
Editorial: Edward Elgar
Fecha de la edición: 2018
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 328


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Resumen del libro

Reseña: Exploring tourism in an increasingly valuable landscape, this forward-looking book examines the importance of the sustainability of global travel. Leading authors in the field outline the major trajectories for research helpful in developing a sustainable and environmentally-minded industry. Contributors review the research that has developed in recent decades, focusing on the major research issues facing the field, including health and tourism and the importance of public lands. Offering a unique insight into research priorities, with a particular focus on systems thinking, this book provides a definitive overview of key areas of study for the future of sustainable tourism. Concise and cutting-edge, this Research Agenda provides crucial insight for academics, highlighting the most critical questions facing the research area of sustainable tourism today. Policy makers and those involved in the tourism industry will also benefit from the practical advice offered.
indice: Preface 1. Information Needs for Building a Foundation for Enhancing Sustainable Tourism as a Development Goal: An Introduction Stephen F. McCool 2. The Tourism System Keith Bosak 3. Superseding Sustainability: Conceptualising Sustainability and Resilience in Response to the New Challenges of Tourism Development Stephen Espiner, et al 4. Understanding How Context Affects Resilience and its Consequences for Sustainable Tourism Julie Schliephack, et al 5. Concepts for Understanding the Visitor Experience in Sustainable Tourism Zachary D. Miller, et al 6. Connecting People with Experiences Gianna Moscardo 7. The Climate Change Transformation of Global Tourism Daniel Scott 8. The Contribution of Tourism to Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals Anna Spenceley and Andrew Rylance 9. Business Models and Sustainable Tourism Kelly S. Bricker 10. The Human Health Dimensions of Sustainable Tourism Monika Derrien, et al. 11. Public Lands, Protected Areas and Tourism: Management Challenges and Information Needs Lee Cerveny and Anna Miller 12. Monitoring River Visitor Use in a Complex Social-Ecological System Jennifer Thomsen, et al 13. Communities and Sustainable Tourism Development: Community Impacts and Local Benefit Creation Tourism Jarkko Saarinen 14. Managing Environmental Impacts of Tourism Teresa Cristina Magro-Lindenkamp and Yu-Fai Leung 15. A Research Agenda for Sustainable Tourism: Some Ideas Worth Pursuing Keith Bosak and Stephen F. McCool