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  • Concentration des multinationales et mutation des pouvoirs de l'état

    2003 Cnrs Editions

    De puissantes multinationales, telles les Compagnies des Indes et la Compagnie d'Occident de John Law (1717) ont existé jadis, dans la banque, le commerce et les transports maritimes. Mais elles se sont multipliées à la ...

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  • International Trade And The Protection Of The Environment

    2007 Routledge

    Analyzing globalization and the increasing tension it has caused between the goals of free trade and environmental protection, "International Trade and the Protection of the Environment" provides a comprehensive and detailed legal analysis, both at ...

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  • La Globalizacion. Consecuencias Humanas.

    1999 Fondo De Cultura Economica

    El presente libro revela las raíces y las consecuencias sociales de los procesos globalizadores; logra demostrar que la globalización incluye mucho más que sus manifestaciones superficiales y trata de disipar algo de la niebla que ...

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  • The Globalization Of World Politics "An Introduction To International Relations"
    An Introduction To International Relations

    por Baylis, John

    The Globalization Of World Politics "An Introduction To International Relations"

    2010 Oxford University Press.

    Now in its fifth edition, this internationally successful title has been fully revised and updated in light of recent developments in world politics. New chapters on post colonialism and post structuralism as well as increased ...

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  • The Globalization of World Politics "An Introduction to International Relations"

    2013 Oxford University Press.

    Trusted by over 300,000 students in over 120 countries, The Globalization of World Politics is the most authoritative and complete introduction to IR available, making it the go-to text for students of international relations. Now ...

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  • Surviving Globalization?: Perspectives For The German Economic Model

    2005 Springer Verlag

    The German economic and social system was once admired for its capacity to foster international competitiveness as well as social integration. In the literature on varieties of capitalisms it was even called the Modell Deutschland. ...

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  • Poder y Contra-Poder en la Era Global "La Nueva Economía Política Mundial"
    La Nueva Economía Política Mundial

    por Beck, Ulrich

    Poder y Contra-Poder en la Era Global "La Nueva Economía Política Mundial"

    2004 Ediciones Paidos Iberica

    Los europeos seguimos fingiendo que Alemania, Francia, Italia, los Países Bajos, España, etcétera, continúan existiendo. Pero ya hace mucho que no existen, pues los contenedores de poder y las unidades sociales delimitadas que constituían los ...

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  • Power In The Global Age: a New Global Political Economy.

    2005 Polity Press

    This brilliant new book by one of Europe's leading social thinkers throws light on the global power games being played out between global business, nation states and movements rooted in civil society. Beck offers an ...

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  • La Sociedad del Riesgo Global. en Busca de la Seguridad Perdida,

    2008 Ediciones Paidos Iberica

    Veinte años después de la publicación de " La sociedad del riesgo", el sociólogo alemán nos ofrece una oportuna revisión de los riesgos del siglo XXI y de su utilización con fines políticos. Los peligros ...

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  • The Standard Of Review In Wto Dispute Settlement "Critique and Development"

    2012 Edward Elgar

    This detailed book critiques how the World Trade Organization scrutinizes domestic measures to determine compliance with the WTO Agreements. This scrutiny, known as the standard of review, is particularly relevant when WTO panels are examining ...

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  • Free Market Missionaries.

    por Beder, Sharon

    Free Market Missionaries.

    2006 Earthscan Publications Ltd.

    In her recent book Suiting Themselves, bestselling author Sharon Beder exposed how the global corporate elite have brazenly rewritten the rules of the global economy to line their pockets. In this new book she trains ...

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  • Monetary Economics In Globalised Financial Markets

    2008 Springer

    This book integrates the fundamentals of monetary theory, monetary policy theory and financial market theory, providing an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the many-sided interrelations between these fields of research. It provides the reader with ...

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  • Security And The War On Terror: Civil-Military Cooperation In a New Age

    2008 Routledge

    The terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 undoubtedly marked a key turning point in international politics. 9/11 represents a different type of threat, one that cannot easily be anticipated or prevented, through prevailing state-based structures ...

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  • Freight Transport Modelling

    por Ben-Akiva, Moshe E.; Meersman, Hilde; Voorde, E. van de

    Freight Transport Modelling

    2013 Emerald Group Publishing Limited

    The on-going globalisation and the increasing demand for flexibility in modern businesses have made transport, together with business logistics, a major functional domain. Transport growth is essentially for economic growth but is not without negative ...

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