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  • An Economic Theory of Managerial Firms  "Strategic Delegation in Oligopoly "

    2017 Routledge

    The separation between ownership and control has become common practice over the last century, in most medium and large firms across the world. Throughout the twentieth century, the theory of the firm and the theory ...

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  • Uber "Innovation in Society"

    por Schneider, Henrique

    Uber "Innovation in Society"

    2017 Palgrave

    This book employs a variety of economic and philosophical methodologies in order to discover the philosophical implications of creative destruction, competition regulation, and the role that businesses or market agents play. Instead of discussing these ...

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  • Managerial Economics "Tools for Analyzing Business Strategy "

    2017 Lexington

    Each year, thousands of businesses file for bankruptcy protection because managers fail to efficiently organize the company's operations, misread market trends, pay inadequate attention to product quality, or misinterpret the activities and intentions of rival ...

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  • El secreto empresarial "Una perspectiva jurídico-penal"

    2017 Marcial Pons

    Países líderes en I+D, como por ejemplo Alemania o los Estados Unidos, han cifrado en varios miles de millones de euros el valor de las pérdidas ocasionadas cada año por las violaciones de los secretos ...

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  • ISO 9001: 2015  para pequeñas empresas

    2017 Aenor

    Actualmente más del 95% de los negocios mundiales son pequeñas y medianas empresas (pymes) que impulsan el crecimiento económico y el empleo, por lo que las normas internacionales deben prestar especial atención a las pequeñas ...

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  • Achieve with Accountability "Ignite Engagement, Ownership, Perseverance, Alignment, and Change"

    2017 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Accelerated Change, Robust Employee Engagement, Intensified Ownership, Relentless Perseverance, Impeccable Alignment, and propels individuals, teams and organizations to desired results. Accountability crumbles silos, boosts teamwork and collaboration, strengthens camaraderie, creativity, resiliency, agility, trust, and communication ...

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility "Strategy, Communication, Governance "

    por Moon, Jeremy; Morsing, Mette; Rasche, Andreas

    Corporate Social Responsibility "Strategy, Communication, Governance "

    2017 Cambridge University Press

    This upper-level textbook offers an original and up-to-date introduction to issues in corporate social responsibility (CSR) from a global perspective. Written by an international team of experts, it guides students through key themes in CSR ...

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  • Strategic Management of Innovation Networks

    2017 Cambridge University Press

    Suitable for a one- or two-semester course for undergraduate and graduate students, this interdisciplinary textbook explains the diverse aspects of innovation and social networks, which occupy a central place in business and policy agendas. Its ...

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  • A Research Agenda for Management and Organization Studies

    2017 Edward Elgar

    Elgar Research Agendas outline the future of research in a given area. Leading scholars are given the space to explore their subject in provocative ways, and map out the potential directions of travel. They are ...

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  • Sucesión de empresas: contratas, subcontratas y otros supuestos

    2017 Ediciones Francis Lefebvre

    Analiza todos aquellos aspectos del tema considerados de mayor interés por haber sido recientemente objeto, bien de conflictividad, bien de reforma normativa, bien de cambio de criterio jurisprudencial; todo ello desde un punto de vista ...

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  • Leadership Strategies in the Age of Big Data, Algorithms, and Analytics

    2017 Crc Press Inc.

    Harnessing the power of technology is one of the key measures of effective leadership. Leadership Strategies in the Age of Big Data, Algorithms, and Analytics will help leaders think and act like strategists to maintain ...

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  • Strategic Analysis "A Creative and Cultural Industries Perspective"

    2017 Routledge

    Though their primary concern, organizations in the creative industries dont only succeed or fail based on the exercise of their creative resources. Their fortunes also depend on their understanding and approach to the problem of ...

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  • Business Ethics "A Kantian Perspective"

    2017 Cambridge University Press

    It is more important than ever that a business must be both ethical and profitable. In this thoroughly revised and updated second edition, Norman E. Bowie shows that by applying Kant's three formulations of the ...

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  • Condiciones en el Contrato de Compraventa de Empresa

    2017 Civitas

    El estudio de las fusiones y adquisiciones de empresa por la doctrina española ha aumentado notablemente en los últimos años. Cada vez son más las obras, tanto individuales como colectivas, que dedican su contenido a ...

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