Technical Analysis of Stock Trends

por Edwards, Robert D.
Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
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ISBN: 978-1-138-06941-1
Editorial: Crc Press Inc.
Fecha de la edición: 2018
Edición Nº: 11
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 637


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Resumen del libro

Reseña: This revised and updated version of the best-selling book, Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, 11th Edition, presents proven long- and short-term stock trend analysis enabling investors to make smart, profitable trading decisions. The book covers technical theory such as The Dow Theory, reversal patterns, consolidation formations, trends and channels, technical analysis of commodity charts, and advances in investment technology. The book also includes a comprehensive guide to trading tactics from long and short goals, stock selection, charting, low and high risk, trend recognition tools, balancing and diversifying the stock portfolio, application of capital, and risk management. This sharpened and updated new edition offers patterns and charts that are tighter and more illustrative, including modifiable charts. Expanded material will be offered on Pragmatic Portfolio Theory as a more elegant alternative to Modern Portfolio Theory; and a newer, simpler, and more powerful alternative to Dow Theory is presented.
indice: Part I: Technical theory 1. The technical approach to trading and investing 2. Charts 3. The Dow Theory 4. The Dow Theorys defects 5. Replacing Dow Theory with John Magees Basing points Procedure 6. Important Reversal Patterns 7. Important Reversal Patterns: continued 8. Important Reversal Patterns: the Triangles 9. More important Reversal Patterns 10. Other Reversal phenomena 11. Consolidation Formations 12. Gaps 13. Support and Resistance 14. Trendlines and Channels 15. Major Trendlines 16. Technical analysis of commodity charts 17. A summary and concluding comments Part II: Trading tactics 18. The tactical problem 19. The all-important details 20. The kind of stocks we want: the speculators viewpoint 21. Selection of stocks to chart 22. Selection of stocks to chart: continued 23. Choosing and managing high-risk stocks: tulip stocks, Internet sector, and speculative frenzies 24. The probable moves of your stocks 25. Two touchy questions 26. Round lots or odd lots? 27. Stop orders 28. What is a Bottom and what is a Top? 29. Trendlines in action 30. Use of Support and Resistance 31. Not all in one basket 32. Measuring implications in technical chart patterns 33. Tactical review of chart action 34. A quick summation of tactical methods 35. Effect of technical trading on market action 36. Automated trendline: the Moving Average 37. The same old patterns 38. Balanced and diversified 39. Trial and error 40. How much capital to use in trading 41. Application of capital in practice 42. Portfolio risk management 43. Stick to your guns


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