Rethinking Corporate Governance "The Forming of Operative and Financial Strategies in Global Corporations"

por Sjostrand,Sven-Erik
Rethinking Corporate Governance "The Forming of Operative and Financial Strategies in Global Corporations"
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ISBN: 978-1-78195-142-2
Editorial: Edward Elgar
Fecha de la edición: 2016
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 608

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Resumen del libro

Reseña: Rethinking Corporate Governance's extensive and insightful empirical investigation offers a radically new approach to corporate governance. This ground-breaking volume describes and analyses the key nature-based and actor-based forces that ultimately determine corporate governance processes and long-term corporate paths. Generally, such forces work in complex and intricate interplays that to a large extent vary among corporations. A theory of shareholder governance is developed and integrated into the established - and more comprehensive - theory of corporate governance to create a revised theory of the corporation (firm). The new possibilities that this creates for explaining how processes develop and ultimately influence corporate paths are presented in-depth. Featuring conclusions based on an empirical material that is both rich and exclusive, the book also contains extensive non-anonymized materials from authentic corporate governance processes. A general conclusion is that actions taken by individuals have a special status among those forces, as they not only generate impact in themselves, but also involve interpretations of the possible effects of all the other forces.Among those actions, the ones taken by the shareholders stand out as particularly decisive both for the governance processes as such and for how corporations develop over time. Offering a degree of openness, detail and realism that is hard to find in any other case-based study this innovative and enlightening volume is essential for both academics and practitioners involved in corporate governance, corporate strategy and the theory of the firm.
indice: Contents: Preface PART I A THEORETICAL PLATFORM 1. Points of Departure 2. Towards a Theory of Corporate Governance 3. The (Re)production of Corporate Paths PART II THE EMPIRICAL STUDY 5. The First Half of the Twentieth Century 6. From Domanverket to Sveaskog: Transformations and Crises 7. From Domanverket to Sveaskog: Reviving the Original Core Business 8. From MoDo to Holmen: The Building Blocs 9. From MoDo to Holmen: A Conflictual Merger Process 10. From MoDo to Holmen: A Consolidation Period 11. From Stora Kopparberg to Stora Enso: In Search of a Strategy 12. From Stora Kopparberg to Stora Enso: Towards a Grand Merger 13. SCA: The Search for a New Core Business 14. SCA: A Dramatic Expansion Period PART III ANALYSES AND CONCLUSIONS 15. The Impact of Nature, Occurrences, Institutions and Actor Collectives on Corporate Paths 16. The Impact of Individual Actors on Corporate Paths 17. A Few More General Conclusions References Index