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  • El pequeño libro de los grandes valores

    por Kampeas-Riess, Meirav

    El pequeño libro de los grandes valores

    2018 Alienta Editorial

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  • Managing Corporate Impacts "Co-Creating Value"

    2016 Cambridge University Press

    Managing Corporate Impacts draws on the insights and experiences of managers from around the world to examine how companies can manage corporate impacts to co-create enduring value for business and society. Corporate impacts - the ...

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  • Brands, Geographical Origin, and the Global Economy "A History from the Nineteenth Century to the Present"

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    Indications of geographic origin for foodstuffs and manufactures have become an important source of brand value since the beginnings of globalization during the late nineteenth century. In this work, David M. Higgins explores the early ...

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  • Bond Pricing and Yield Curve Modeling "A Structural Approach"

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    In this book, well-known expert Riccardo Rebonato provides the theoretical foundations (no-arbitrage, convexity, expectations, risk premia) needed for the affine modeling of the government bond markets. He presents and critically discusses the wealth of empirical ...

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  • The Changing Fortunes of Central Banking

    por Hartmann, Philipp; Huang, Haizhou; Schoenmaker, Dirk

    The Changing Fortunes of Central Banking

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    Understanding the changing role of central banks and their recent novel policies is essential for analysing many economic and financial issues, ranging from financial regulation and crisis, to exchange rate dynamics and regime changes, and ...

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  • Democratizing Money? "Debating Legitimacy in Monetary Reform Proposals"

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    A lack of confidence in monetary institutions after the recent financial crash has led to a resurgence of public debate on the topic of monetary reform, reaching a level of political prominence unprecedented since the ...

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  • Sveriges Riksbank and the History of Central Banking

    por Edvinsson, Rodney; Jacobson, Tor; Waldenström, Daniel

    Sveriges Riksbank and the History of Central Banking

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    Written in celebration of its 350th anniversary in 2018, this book details the history of the central bank of Sweden, Sveriges Riksbank, as presented by Klas Fregert. It relates the bank's history to the development ...

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  • The Creative Wealth of Nations "Can the Arts Advance Development?"

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    Development seen from a more holistic perspective looks beyond the expansion of material means and considers the enrichment of people's lives. The arts are an indispensable asset in taking a comprehensive approach toward the improvement ...

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  • Prioritizing Development "A Cost Benefit Analysis of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals"

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    This book is a unique guide to making the world a better place. Experts apply a critical eye to the United Nations' Sustainable Development agenda, also known as the Global Goals, which will affect the ...

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  • Gratitud

    por Sacks, Oliver


    2016 Anagrama

    En febrero de 2015, Oliver Sacks recibió la noticia de que el melanoma que le habían diagnosticado en el ojo diez años antes había hecho me- tástasis y ahora le afectaba al hígado. Se trataba ...

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  • Modern Evolutionary Economics "An Overview"

    por Dosi, Giovanni; Helfat, Constance; Nelson, Richard; Pyka, Andreas; Saviotti, P.P.

    Modern Evolutionary Economics "An Overview"

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    Evolutionary economics sees the economy as always in motion with change being driven largely by continuing innovation. This approach to economics, heavily influenced by the work of Joseph Schumpeter, saw a revival as an alternative ...

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  • Random Sets in Econometrics

    por Molchanov, Ilya; Molinari, Francesca

    Random Sets in Econometrics

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    Random set theory is a fascinating branch of mathematics that amalgamates techniques from topology, convex geometry, and probability theory. Social scientists routinely conduct empirical work with data and modelling assumptions that reveal a set to ...

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  • The Economics of Entrepreneurship

    por Parker, Simon C.

    The Economics of Entrepreneurship

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    This second edition of The Economics of Entrepreneurship is an essential resource for scholars following the current state of this fast-moving field, covering a broad range of topics in unparalleled depth. Designed to be used ...

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  • Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy "Fully Revised and Updated"

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    Legendary economist Hyman Minsky identified author William H. Janeway as a 'theorist-practitioner' of financial economics; this book is an expression of that double life. Interweaving his unique professional perspective with political and financial history, Janeway ...

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  • Tomorrow 3.0 "Transaction Costs and the Sharing Economy"

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    With the growing popularity of apps such as Uber and Airbnb, there has been a keen interest in the rise of the sharing economy. Michael C. Munger brings these new trends in the economy down ...

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  • Global Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis

    por Bieler, Andreas; Morton, Adam

    Global Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    This book assesses the forces of social struggle shaping the past and present of the global political economy from the perspective of historical materialism. Based on the philosophy of internal relations, the character of capital ...

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  • Permutation Groups and Cartesian Decompositions

    por Praeger, Cheryl E.; Schneider, Csaba

    Permutation Groups and Cartesian Decompositions

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    Permutation groups, their fundamental theory and applications are discussed in this introductory book. It focuses on those groups that are most useful for studying symmetric structures such as graphs, codes and designs. Modern treatments of ...

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  • The Skew-Normal and Related Families

    por Azzalini, Adelchi

    The Skew-Normal and Related Families

    2014 Cambridge University Press

    Interest in the skew-normal and related families of distributions has grown enormously over recent years, as theory has advanced, challenges of data have grown, and computational tools have made substantial progress. This comprehensive treatment, blending ...

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  • The Four Day Work Week

    por Grosse, Robert

    The Four Day Work Week

    2018 Routledge

    This provocative book makes a compelling case for reducing the number of workdays in a week to four. Globalization has brought with it fiercer competition and greater worker mobility, and as organizations compete for top ...

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  • The Coming Revolution "Capitalism in the 21st Century "

    2018 John Hunt Publishing

    A technological revolution is driving capitalism toward crisis and collapse. Can our society evolve in time to rescue the future? Radical advances in automation, robotics, and computer technology have thrown millions out of work and ...

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    Ecobook recomienda

    Quién obtiene qué y por qué

    por Roth, Alvin E.

    Quién obtiene qué y por qué

    En este libro, Alvin Roth nos muestra lo frecuentes que son los mercados "de emparejamiento", en los que el dinero no es un factor determinante. Nos pasea desde una tribu de aborígenes en la que ...

    pvp.19.50 €


    por Dalio, Ray


    Ray Dalio, one of the world's most successful investors and entrepreneurs, shares the unconventional principles that he's developed, refined, and used over the past forty years to create unique results in both life and business'and ...

    pvp.32.25 €

    Un Pequeño Empujón (Nudge)

    por Thaler, Richard H.

    Un Pequeño Empujón (Nudge)

    En Un pequeño empujón, considerado ya un clásico y uno de los mejores libros sobre economía y política de las últimas décadas, Cass R. Sunstein y Richard H. Thaler, premio Nobel de Economía, observan cómo ...

    pvp.19.90 €

    Advanced Master Trader "El manual de buen inversor"

    ¿Cuáles son los activos idóneos para invertir? ¿Qué acciones tendrán más posibilidades de multiplicar su valor con el tiempo? ¿Qué cantidad destino a cada inversión? ¿En cuántas partes debo diversificar mi cartera? ¿Cuáles son los ...

    pvp.49.00 €