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  • Finance for Normal People "How Investors and Markets Behave"

    2017 Oxford University Press

    Finance for Normal People teaches behavioral finance to people like you and me - normal people, neither rational nor irrational. We are consumers, savers, investors, and managers - corporate managers, money managers, financial advisers, and ...

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  • A Primer in Financial Data Management

    2017 Academic Press Inc.

    A Primer in Financial Data Management describes concepts and methods, considering financial data management, not as a technological challenge, but as a key asset that underpins effective business management. This broad survey of data management ...

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  • Finanzas Básicas

    por Harvard Business Review.

    Finanzas Básicas

    2017 Harvard Business Review- Reverté

    ¿Eres capaz de hacer un análisis de rentabilidad? ¿Conoces en qué se diferencian la cuenta de resultados y el balance de situación? ¿Sabes por qué una empresa que es rentable puede irse a pique? Los ...

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  • Cálculo financiero "Teoria y ejercicios"

    por Aparicio Rozas, Adolfo; Gallego Losada, Rocio

    Cálculo financiero "Teoria y ejercicios"

    2017 Thomson Paraninfo

    En este manual se establecen las bases para valorar operaciones financieras haciendo un recorrido por los fundamentos teóricos y dedicando amplio espacio a los ejercicios resueltos, así como a proponer otros indicando su solución. Se ...

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  • Capital Flows, Financial Markets and Banking Crises

    2017 Routledge

    The increasing capital flows in the emerging markets and developed countries have raised various concerns worldwide. One main concern is the impact of the sharp decline of capital flows - so-called sudden stops - on ...

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  • Risk and Return for Regulated Industries

    2017 Academic Press Inc.

    Risk and Return for Regulated Industries provides a much-needed, comprehensive review of how cost of capital risk arises and can be measured, how the special risks regulated industries face affect fair return, and the challenges ...

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  • Equity Derivatives "Corporate and Institutional Applications "

    2017 Palgrave

    This book provides thorough coverage of the institutional applications of equity derivatives. It starts with an introduction on stock markets' fundamentals before opening the gate on the world of structured products. Delta-one products and options ...

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  • Fintech in Germany

    por Dorfleitner, Gregor; Hornuf, Lars; Schmitt, Matthias; Weber, Martina

    Fintech in Germany

    2017 Springer Verlag

    This book focuses on market developments of crowdfunding, crowdinvesting, crowdlending, social trading, robo-advice, personal financial management, online payment and mobile payment in Germany. FinTech companies are an important driver of innovation in the financial industry. ...

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  • Why Stock Markets "Crash  Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems"

    2017 Princeton University Press

    The scientific study of complex systems has transformed a wide range of disciplines in recent years, enabling researchers in both the natural and social sciences to model and predict phenomena as diverse as earthquakes, global ...

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  • Communication Essentials for Financial Planners "Strategies and Techniques"

    2017 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Exploring the Human Element of Financial Planning Communication Essentials for Financial Planners tackles the counseling side of practice to help financial planners build more productive client relationships. CFP Board s third book and first in ...

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  • Growth Without Inequality "Reinventing Capitalism"

    2017 Routledge

    Many years on after the 2007-8 financial crisis, most developed nations still find themselves in a state of weak recovery, high debt pile-up and distributive disparity. The intriguing question that we face is whether the ...

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  • Jainism and Ethical Finance "A Timeless Business Model"

    2017 Routledge

    The financial crisis of 2008 has led to a re-evaluation of the role of financial institutions and their relationship with the wider economy and society. This process has meant an increased questioning of both the ...

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  • How to Read Nonprofit Financial Statements

    por Eisig, William D.; Klummp, Lee; Lang, Andrew S.; Ricciardella, Tammy

    How to Read Nonprofit Financial Statements

    2017 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Whether youre a nonprofit executive unfamiliar with the language of financial statements or a seasoned pro, this book is the only guide youll need to correctly interpret those critical documents, refresh your skills and familiarize ...

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