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  • Visualizing Financial Data

    por Kaczmarek, Piotr; Rodriguez, Julie

    Visualizing Financial Data

    2016 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    A fresh take on financial data visualization for greater accuracy and understanding Your data provides a snapshot of the state of your business and is key to the success of your conversations, decisions, and communications. ...

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  • Infrastructure as an Asset Class "Investment Strategy, Sustainability, Project Finance and PPP"

    por Alfen, Hans Wilhelm; Staub-Bisang, Mirjam; Weber, Barbara

    Infrastructure as an Asset Class "Investment Strategy, Sustainability, Project Finance and PPP"

    2016 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Clear, comprehensive guidance toward the global infrastructure investment market Infrastructure As An Asset Class is the leading infrastructure investment guide, with comprehensive coverage and in-depth expert insight. This new second edition has been fully updated ...

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  • Financialisation and the Financial and Economic Crises "Country Studies"

    por Detzer, Daniel; Dodig, Nina; Hein, Eckhard

    Financialisation and the Financial and Economic Crises "Country Studies"

    2016 Edward Elgar

    Financialisation and the Financial and Economic Crises provides comparative, empirical case studies of a diverse set of eleven countries. In particular, the book helps in understanding the current (mal)performance of Euro area economies by explaining ...

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  • Corporate Finance "Principles and Practice"

    por Head, Antony; Watson, Denzil

    Corporate Finance "Principles and Practice"

    2016 Prentice-Hall International Ed

    In this new and fully updated Seventh Edition of Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice, the key principles and mathematical techniques are clearly explained step-by-step and put into practice through numerous vignettes which take a closer ...

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  • Digital Gold "The Untold Story of Bitcoin"

    2016 Penguin Books

    Shortlisted for the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award. A New York Times technology and business reporter charts the dramatic rise of Bitcoin and the fascinating personalities who are striving to ...

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  • Empirical Asset Pricing "The Cross-Section of Stock Returns"

    por Bali, Turan G.; Engle, Robert; Murray, Scott

    Empirical Asset Pricing "The Cross-Section of Stock Returns"

    2016 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Bali, Engle, and Murray have produced a highly accessible introduction to the techniques and evidence of modern empirical asset pricing. This book should be read and absorbed by every serious student of the field, academic ...

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  • Financial Management "Theory and Practice"

    por Brigham, Eugene; Ehrhardt, M.; Fox, Roland

    Financial Management "Theory and Practice"

    2016 Cengage Learning Inc

    Roland Fox joins Brigham and Ehrhardt in the new edition of Financial Management: Theory and Practice, written for students in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This text combines Brigham and Ehrhardts balance of solid ...

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  • Handbook of Fixed-Income Securities

    2016 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    A comprehensive guide to the current theories and methodologies intrinsic to fixed-income securities Written by well-known experts from a cross section of academia and finance, Handbook of Fixed-Income Securities features a compilation of the most ...

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  • Principles of Corporate Finance

    por Allen, Franklin; Brealey, Richard A.; Myers, Stewart C.

    Principles of Corporate Finance

    2016 UK-Mcgraw-Hill

    The integrated solutions for Brealey's Principles of Corporate Finance have been specifically designed to help improve student performance, meaning that students are prepared for class and can successfully solve problems and analyse the results. Resources ...

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  • Liquidity Risk Management "A Practitioner's Perspective"

    2016 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    The most up-to-date, comprehensive guide on liquidity risk management from the professionals Written by a team of industry leaders from the Price Waterhouse Coopers Financial Services Regulatory Practice, Liquidity Risk Management is the first book ...

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  • Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations

    por Calabrese, Thad D.; Finkler, Steven A.; Purtell, Robert M.; Smith, Daniel L.

    Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations

    2016 Sage Publications

    This book details the foundational principles of each of the methods introduced in the book, and through step-by-step equations, figures, and exhibits, illustrates how to execute financial management in practice. Coverage includes cost analysis, budget ...

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  • Can "It" Happen Again?  "Essays on Instability and Finance"

    2016 Routledge

    In the winter of 1933, the American financial and economic system collapsed. Since then economists, policy makers and financial analysts throughout the world have been haunted by the question of whether "It" can happen again. ...

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  • The New Case for Gold

    por Rickards, James

    The New Case for Gold

    2016 Allen Lane/Penguin

    In The New Case for Gold, James Rickards explains why gold is one of the safest assets for investors in times of political instability and market volatility, and how every investor should look to add ...

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  • The Validation of Risk Models "A Handbook for Practitioners"

    2016 Palgrave

    The practice of quantitative risk management has reached unprecedented levels of refinement. The pricing, the assessment of risk as well as the computation of the capital requirements for highly complex transactions are performed through equally ...

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  • Entre tiburones "Una temporada en el infierno de las finanzas"

    2016 El hombre del tres

    Joris Luyendijk sabía tanto como cualquier hijo de vecino sobre los misterios de la actividad financiera: apenas un par de tópicos. Hasta que le encargaron explorar las aguas del dinero. Durante dos años de inmersión ...

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  • Financial Management

    por Pinder-Ayres, Brian

    Financial Management

    2016 RIBA Publishing

    Most newly qualified architects have scant knowledge about the practicalities of running a practice and in particular the challenges of managing the financial side of the business. This book highlights the major financial risks and ...

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Ecobook recomienda

Crash "Cómo una década de crisis financieras ha cambiado el mundo"

La crisis que se inició en Estados Unidos en septiembre de 2008 no fue un accidente puntual, sino el inicio de un gran cambio global. Sus consecuencias se extendieron también al campo de la política, ...

pvp.29.90 €