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  • International Business

    por Buckley, Peter J.; Cross, Adam C.; Enderwick, Peter

    International Business

    2018 Oxford University Press

    In this brand new textbook, Peter J. Buckley, Peter Enderwick, and Adam R. Cross bring a wealth of experience and a truly global approach to the study of international business. A thorough grounding in economic ...

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  • Comparative Economics in a Transforming World Economy

    2018 Mit Press

    Comparative economics, with its traditional dichotomies of socialism versus capitalism, private versus state, and planning versus market, is changing. This innovative textbook offers a new approach to understanding different economic systems that reflects both recent ...

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  • Israel and the World Economy "The Power of Globalization "

    2018 Mit Press

    Anti-globalization sentiments are rising, especially in Europe and the United States, with the increasingly integrated global economy blamed for domestic economic distress. In this book, Assaf Razin argues that Israel offers a counterexample to this ...

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  • Voluntary Disruptions "International Soft Law, Finance, and Power"

    2018 Oxford University Press

    From home mortgages to i-phones, basic elements of our daily lives depend on international economic markets. The astonishing complexity of these exchanges may seem ungoverned. Yet the global economy remains deeply bound by rules. Far ...

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  • Inversiones Españolas en el Extranjero: Mecanismos de Protección

    por Iriarte Angel, Jose Luis; Viñals Camallonga, José María

    Inversiones Españolas en el Extranjero: Mecanismos de Protección

    2018 Aranzadi Editorial

    La presente obra tiene como fin proporcionar información sobre la protección de las inversiones españolas en el exterior, especialmente frente a los riesgos políticos más comunes. En tanto el presente libro se dirige a los ...

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  • Fixed or Flexible Exchange Rates? "History and Perspectives"

    2018 Vernon Press

    This book compares and contrasts flexible versus fixed exchange rate regimes. Beginning with their theoretical justifications, it showcases their observed advantages and disadvantages as they played out in the currency crises of the 1990s and ...

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  • World Trade Law "Text, Materials and Commentary "

    por Davies, Arwel; Lester, Simon; Mercurio, Bryan

    World Trade Law "Text, Materials and Commentary "

    2018 Hart Publishing

    This third edition of one of the leading textbooks on world trade law offers what is, in a number of ways, a unique perspective on this important subject. Combining the best aspects of both casebook ...

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  • Rules without Rights "Land, Labor, and Private Authority in the Global Economy"

    2018 Oxford University Press

    Activists have exposed startling forms of labor exploitation and environmental degradation in global industries, leading many large retailers and brands to adopt standards for fairness and sustainability. This book is about the idea that transnational ...

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  • International Organization and Global Governance

    por Weiss, Thomas; Wilkinson, Rorden

    International Organization and Global Governance

    2018 Routledge

    Completely revised and updated for the second edition, this textbook continues to offer the most comprehensive resource available for all interested in international organization and global governance. The book offers: In-depth and accessible coverage of ...

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  • Política y geopolítica para rebeldes, irreverentes y escépticos

    2018 Foca Ediciones

    Nueva edición de un libro que, en poco más de un año, se ha convertido en un referente en el ámbito del análisis geopolítico, con nuevos materiales sobre lo acontecido en torno a Irán, Turquía, ...

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  • International Economics: Theory and Policy "Global Edition"

    por Krugman, Paul R.; Melitz, Marc J.; Obstfeld, Maurice

    International Economics: Theory and Policy "Global Edition"

    2018 Prentice-Hall International Ed

    For courses in International Economics, International Finance, and International Trade. A balanced approach to theory and policy applications International Economics: Theory and Policy provides engaging, balanced coverage of the key concepts and practical applications of ...

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  • Global Commodity Markets and Development Economics

    2018 Routledge

    The early 21st century has seen a prolonged price boom in non-fuel commodities, coupled with a volatile performance in fuel prices. This new collection presents the latest research on commodity prices and economic development in ...

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  • Negociación internacional

    por Llamazares Garcia-Lomas, Olegario

    Negociación internacional

    2018 Global Marketing Strategies

    A partir de una clasificación de los diferentes tipos de negociaciones internacionales y del perfil que debe poseer un negociador internacional eficaz, se pasa a describir las fases por las que atraviesa un proceso de ...

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  • The Intangible Economy "How Services Shape Global Production and Consumption "

    por Elms, Deborah K.; Hassani, Arian; Low, Patrick

    The Intangible Economy "How Services Shape Global Production and Consumption "

    2018 Cambridge University Press

    The Intangible Economy: How Services Shape Global Production and Consumption studies aspects of the role of services in development as well as on particular sectoral issues, always with policy considerations lurking not far from the ...

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  • Hay que cambiar el mundo

    por Ziegler, Jean

    Hay que cambiar el mundo

    2018 Foca Ediciones

    Desde hace quince años, Jean Ziegler ha centrado sus esfuerzos en combatir la dictadura de las oligarquías del capital financiero globalizado. En el seno de las Naciones Unidas ha luchado por los parias de la ...

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Ecobook recomienda

Economía política mundial

por varios autores

Economía política mundial

Este libro analiza los fundamentos y el funcionamiento de la Economía Mundial en su etapa actual. Para ello, se propone un marco teórico basado en la combinación de las propiedades del enfoque sistémico con las ...

pvp.25.00 €

Globalization and Its Discontents Revisited "Anti-Globalization in the Era of Trump "

"Accessible, provocative, and highly readable." -Alan Cowell, NEW YORK TIMES In this crucial expansion and update of his landmark bestseller, renowned economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph E. Stiglitz addresses globalization's new discontents in the ...

pvp.13.75 €