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  • The Theory of International Business  "Economic Models and Methods"

    2016 Springer Verlag

    Demonstrating why economic modelling is so important in understanding international business, this stimulating and highly original book sets out a new and exciting research agenda in international business studies. The author explains what economic models ...

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  • Moving Beyond Cpitalism

    por DuRand, Cliff

    Moving Beyond Cpitalism

    2016 Routledge

    The book speaks to the widespread quest for concrete alternative ways forward 'beyond capitalism' in the face of the prevailing corporatocracy and a capitalist system in crisis. It examines a number of institutions and practices ...

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  • Regional Trade Agreements and the Multilateral Trading System

    2016 Cambridge University Press

    This volume contains a collection of studies examining trade-related issues negotiated in regional trade agreements (RTAs) and how RTAs are related to the WTO's rules. While previous work has focused on subsets of RTAs, these ...

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  • Global Talent Management and Staffing in MNES

    por Dowling, Peter; Guo, Ying; Rammal, Hussain G.

    Global Talent Management and Staffing in MNES

    2016 Emerald Group Publishing Limited

    Attracting, managing and retaining talented employees is an important area of human resource management. Managing talent across an organization's global network presents many challenges including expatriation and repatriation issues, cross-cultural adjustment of employees, and operating ...

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  • Currency Politics "The Political Economy of Exchange Rate Policy"

    2016 Princeton University Press

    The exchange rate is the most important price in any economy, since it affects all other prices. Exchange rates are set, either directly or indirectly, by government policy. Exchange rates are also central to the ...

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  • Global Transfer Pricing "Principles and Practices"

    2016 Bloomsbury Professional

    "Now in its third edition, Global Transfer Pricing: Principles and Practice continues to provide a straightforward and accessible introduction to this complex and increasingly important area of business taxation. It offers readers an overall view ...

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  • The Statesman's Yearbook 2017 "The Politics, Cultures and Economies of the World"

    por Alvarez, Tom; Aujla, Sharan; Heath-Brown, Nicholas

    The Statesman's Yearbook 2017  "The Politics, Cultures and Economies of the World"

    2016 Palgrave

    Now in its 153rd edition, The Statesman's Yearbook continues to be the reference work of choice for accurate and reliable information on every country in the world. Covering political, economic, social and cultural aspects, the ...

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  • International Economics

    por Carbaugh, Robert J.

    International Economics

    2016 Cengage Learning Inc

    Discover the proven, market-leading text that is a favorite among students of all backgrounds for its clear, concise treatment of international trade and finance theory. Now in its 16th edition, INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS uses a wealth ...

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  • Foreign Policy "Theories, Actors, Cases "

    por Dunne, Tim; Hadfield, Amelia; Smith, Steve

    Foreign Policy "Theories, Actors, Cases "

    2016 Oxford University Press.

    This ground breaking text provides the ideal introduction to the ever-changing field of foreign policy. With a unique combination of theories, actors and cases in a single volume, the expert contributors provide students with a ...

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  • The Rule of Law in Monetary Affairs "World Trade Forum"

    por Cottier, Thomas; Lastra, Rosa M.; Tietje, Christian

    The Rule of Law in Monetary Affairs "World Trade Forum"

    2016 Cambridge University Press

    The global financial crisis and subsequent sovereign debt crisis in Europe demonstrated that the relationship between law and economics in the design of the monetary system must be revisited. International monetary affairs are usually conducted ...

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  • Financial Deepening and Post-Crisis Development in Emerging Markets

    por Canuto, Otaviano; Gevorkyan, Aleksandr V.

    Financial Deepening and Post-Crisis Development in Emerging Markets

    2016 Palgrave

    This collection empirically and conceptually advances our understanding of the intricacies of emerging markets' financial and macroeconomic development in the post-2008 crisis context. Covering a vast geography and a broad range of economic viewpoints, this ...

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  • International Finance and Open-Economy Macroeconomics

    2016 Springer Verlag

    This rigorous textbook tames technicalities and makes even the most complex models accessible to students. Its unique two-tier structure makes the book attractive for undergraduates, graduates and researchers alike. In fact, the coverage is primarily ...

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  • Emerging Market Multinationals in Europe

    por Bakir, Caner; Brennan, Louis

    Emerging Market Multinationals in Europe

    2016 Routledge

    This book makes a timely and highly stimulating contribution to the discourse on emerging-market multinationals, (EMNCs), as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Europe from emerging countries (especially from the BRICs - Brazil, Russia, India, China) ...

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  • Transporte internacional de mercancías

    por Álvarez Ochoa, José Francisco

    Transporte internacional de mercancías

    2016 Paraninfo Thomson Learning

    Este libro desarrolla los contenidos del módulo profesional de Transporte Internacional de Mercancías, de los Ciclos Formativos de grado superior de Comercio Internacional y de Transporte y Logística, pertenecientes a la familia profesional de Comercio ...

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Ecobook recomienda

Globalization and Its Discontents Revisited "Anti-Globalization in the Era of Trump "

"Accessible, provocative, and highly readable." -Alan Cowell, NEW YORK TIMES In this crucial expansion and update of his landmark bestseller, renowned economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph E. Stiglitz addresses globalization's new discontents in the ...

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Economía política mundial

por varios autores

Economía política mundial

Este libro analiza los fundamentos y el funcionamiento de la Economía Mundial en su etapa actual. Para ello, se propone un marco teórico basado en la combinación de las propiedades del enfoque sistémico con las ...

pvp.25.00 €