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  • International Commercial Arbitration "Standard Clauses and Forms - Commentary"

    por Black-Branch, Jonathan L.; Conrad, Nicole; Münch, Peter

    International Commercial Arbitration "Standard Clauses and Forms - Commentary"

    2013 Hart Publishing

    This comprehensive handbook provides the full range of clauses, forms and documents needed by practitioners in the course of arbitral proceedings as well as commentaries based on scientific principles and insider know-how with regard to ...

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  • Dictionary of Shipping Terms

    por Brodie, Peter

    Dictionary of Shipping Terms

    2013 Routledge

    Shipping has many hundreds of terms and phrases whose meaning is not always obvious, even for experienced practitioners. This comprehensive dictionary contains concise definitions of maritime terms and phrases, including those used in liner, tramp ...

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  • The Handbook of Global Companies

    2013 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    The Handbook of Global Companies brings together original research addressing the latest theories and empirical analysis surrounding the role of global companies in local, national, and international governance. Offers new insights into the role of ...

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  • Retos geopolíticos actuales

    por Lozano Bartolozzi, Pedro

    Retos geopolíticos actuales

    2013 Eunsa Ediciones Universidad De

    Enfrentarnos a la globalización en el marco actual supone un duro reto. El desplome de la Guerra Fría no ha conseguido un orden mundial renovador, hegemónico y equilibrado. El escenario presente es inestable e inoperante: ...

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  • Freight Transport Modelling

    por Ben-Akiva, Moshe E.; Meersman, Hilde; Voorde, E. van de

    Freight Transport Modelling

    2013 Emerald Group Publishing Limited

    The on-going globalisation and the increasing demand for flexibility in modern businesses have made transport, together with business logistics, a major functional domain. Transport growth is essentially for economic growth but is not without negative ...

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  • The Growth Map "Economic Opportunity in the Brics and Beyond"

    2013 Penguin Books.

    Jim O'Neill, one of the most influential economists today, shares his insights on how and why he developed one of the most compelling economic concepts of our time in "The Growth Map". "O'Neill has redefined ...

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  • The Process of Internationalization in Emerging SMEs and Emerging Economies

    2013 Edward Elgar

    This book, the fourth volume in the McGill International Entrepreneurship series, brings together 25 top scholars to explore the structural complexities, evolving relations and dynamic forces that are shaping the new system of multi-polar, multi-level ...

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  • The Changing Face of US Patent Law and Its Impact on Business Strategy

    2013 Edward Elgar

    Within the complex global economy, patents function as indispensable tools for fostering and protecting innovation. This fascinating volume offers a comprehensive perspective on the US patent system, detailing its many uses and outlining several critical ...

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  • Just Business "Multinational Corporations and Human Rights"

    2013 Norton

    With human rights groups and businesses locked in a stalemate, the challenges of regulating harmful corporate practices in some of the world's most difficult regions have long seemed insurmountable. In 2005 the United Nations appointed ...

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  • Earth Economics "An Introduction to Demand Management, Long Run Growth and Global"

    2013 Edward Elgar

    Taking stock of emerging planet data and analysing policies during the global crisis, Earth Economics provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to basic macroeconomic concepts, methods and principles and their application to real world data. ...

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  • The International Handbook of Competition

    por Neumann, Manfred; Weigandt, Jurgen

    The International Handbook of Competition

    2013 Edward Elgar

    This indispensable Handbook examines the interface of competition policy, competition law and industrial economics. The book aims to further our understanding of how economic reasoning and legal expertise complement each other in defining the fundamental ...

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  • The Third Industrial Revolution in Global Business

    2013 Cambridge University Press

    The essays in this volume probe the impact the digital revolution has had, or sometimes failed to have, on global business. Has digital technology, the authors ask, led to structural changes and greater efficiency and ...

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  • The Economic Assessment of Mergers Under European Competition Law

    2013 Cambridge University Press

    This concise and practical guide to the most important economic techniques and evidence employed in modern merger control draws on the authors' extensive experience in advising on European merger cases. It offers an introduction to ...

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  • The Decade of the Multilatinas

    por Santiso, Javier

    The Decade of the Multilatinas

    2013 Cambridge University Press

    Latin American multinationals (multilatinas) have been central in the rise of emerging markets in the last few decades. Their development comprises part of the global shift of wealth and power between nations. The rise of ...

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  • Multinational Management "A Strategic Approach"

    por Cullen, John B.; Parboteeah, K. Praveen

    Multinational Management "A Strategic Approach"

    2013 Cengage Learning Inc

    Multinational Management: A Strategic Approach, 6e, International Edition remains the first international management text to offer students a thorough review and analysis of the latest research on international management by using a strategic perspective. Authors ...

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  • International Trade Disputes and EU Liability

    2013 Cambridge University Press

    The European Union has become the respondent of several international trade disputes. This book examines the right to compensation for damage resulting from retaliatory measures imposed under the system of the World Trade Organization in ...

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