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  • The Law and Policy of Harmonisation in Europe's Internal Market

    2013 Edward Elgar

    This innovative book explores the constitutional compromise between the European Union's legislative competence and member states' regulatory autonomy, and analyses the reconciliation of economic integration and welfare protection within the European internal market. It does ...

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  • Análisis del Entorno Económico Internacional "Instrumentos y Políticas"

    por Pérez Ortiz, Laura; Sanchez Diez, Angeles; Viñas Apaolaza, Ana Isabel

    Análisis del Entorno Económico Internacional "Instrumentos y Políticas"

    2013 Garceta Grupo Editorial

    El libro recopila, desde las perspectivas teórica y práctica, el estudio del entorno económico y de las políti-cas que se aplican en el escenario internacional y teniendo en cuenta el marco institucional de las relacio-nes ...

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  • Freight Transport and the Modern Economy

    por Burnham, June; Savy, Michel

    Freight Transport and the Modern Economy

    2013 Routledge

    Freight Transport and the Modern Economy adapts a well-known textbook by Michel Savy, revising, extending and updating it for British, European and international readers. It deals not only with the technical aspects of transport, logistics ...

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  • International Relations Since 1945

    2013 Oxford University Press.

    International Relations since 1945 offers undergraduate students a comprehensive and accessible introduction to global political history since World War II. The new edition is comprehensively updated to cover the period between 2001 and 2012. Discussing ...

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  • Países emergentes "En busca del milagro económico"

    2013 Aguilar Ediciones S.A.

    Nadie puede decir con seguridad cuáles son los factores que posibilitan o no el crecimiento de un país. No existe una fórmula mágica; tan sólo una lista de ingredientes: permitir el flujo libre de mercado ...

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  • International Economics "Challenges and Choices"

    por Bowen, Nick; Sitkin, Alan

    International Economics "Challenges and Choices"

    2013 Oxford University Press.

    This stimulating text provides a truly international perspective, with a wealth of real life examples from developed and emerging countries to help students envisage how organizations across the globe practise business. Thoroughly updated and revised ...

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  • Geopolitical Economy "After US Hegemony, Globalization and Empire"

    2013 Pluto Press

    Geopolitical Economy radically reinterprets the historical evolution of the world order, as a multi-polar world emerges from the dust of the financial and economic crisis. Radhika Desai offers a radical critique of the theories of ...

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  • Empresa internacionalizada y responsabilidad social "Un matrimonio convencido"

    2013 Icex Inst.Español Comercio Ext

    Después de más de diez años integrados en la gestión y estrategia empresariales, los conceptos de responsabilidad social de la empresa (RSE) y buen gobierno corporativo han de funcionar también como herramientas que contribuyan a ...

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  • Global Strategic Management "International Edition"

    2013 Cengage Learning Inc

    This title helps you discover both sides of international business and how to prepare for the future. "Global Strategic Management, 3E, International Edition" doesn't just show you what it's like for foreign businesses entering a ...

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  • Growth and International Trade

    por Farmer, Karl; Schelnast, Matthias

    Growth and International Trade

    2013 Springer Verlag

    This textbook guides the reader towards various aspects of growth and international trade in a Diamond-type overlapping generations framework. Using the same model type throughout the book, timely topics such as growth with bubbles, debt ...

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  • Theories of the Multinational Firms "A Multidimensional Creature in the Global Economy"

    2013 Edward Elgar

    This expanded and updated edition of a successful textbook will be required reading for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of international business, international management and international economy courses. The current debate about the multinational firm ...

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  • WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding and Development

    2013 Brill

    This book examines the effectiveness of the WTO DSU in pursuing the developmental objectives of the WTO. Unregulated globalisation enabled developed countries to benefit more from the process. International trade theories emphasise on welfare enhancement ...

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  • Globalization and Austerity Politics in Latin America

    2013 Cambridge University Press

    In an age of financial globalization, are markets and democracy compatible? For developing countries, the dramatic internationalization of financial markets over the last two decades deepens tensions between politics and markets. Notwithstanding the rise of ...

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  • The Political Economy of the Service Transition

    2013 Oxford University Press.

    Over the past four decades the wealthiest OECD economies-in Europe, North America, and Australasia- have faced massive structural change. Industrial sectors, which were once considered the economic backbone of these societies, have shrunk inexorably in ...

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  • The Foreign Exchange Matrix "A new framework for understanding currency movements"

    2013 Harriman House Publishing

    The foreign exchange market is huge, fascinating and yet widely misunderstood by participants and non-participants alike. This is because its unanswered questions are numerous. For instance, what is the purpose of the $4 trillion per ...

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