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  • Plan de internacionalizacion de la PYME en la práctica

    por Sainz de Vicuña Ancin, Jose Maria

    Plan de internacionalizacion de la PYME en la práctica

    2015 Esic

    «Práctico, interesante, estimulante y actual», son algunos de los adjetivos que les ha sugerido la lectura de Plan de internacionalización de la PYME en la práctica a aquellos profesionales que han tenido la oportunidad de ...

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  • The Economics of International Integration

    2015 Edward Elgar

    In this comprehensive second edition of The Economics of International Integration, Miroslav Jovanovic examines the theory of international economic integration and explores the existing and emerging international integration agreements, their achievements, problems and prospects. One ...

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  • Trade and Inequality

    por Goldberg, Pinelopi K.

    Trade and Inequality

    2015 Edward Elgar

    This volume brings together the most influential theoretical and empirical contributions to the topic of trade and inequality from recent years. Segregating it into four key areas, the collection forms a comprehensive study of the ...

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  • International Exchange of Information in Tax Matters "Towards Global Transparency"

    2015 Edward Elgar

    Following the financial crisis of 2008 and various scandals around the world there has been a global movement towards greater transparency with international exchanges of information in tax matters. This book provides a comprehensive overview ...

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  • Corporate Power and Responsible Capitalism? "Towards Social Accountability"

    2015 Edward Elgar

    Can business corporations be made more responsible for their actions? Abuses of corporate power, its responsibilities and scandals, pervade political, academic and public debates. In this important book, Bryn Jones locates the sources of this ...

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  • Handbook on Trade and Development

    por López, Ricardo A.; Morrissey, Oliver; Sharma, Kishor

    Handbook on Trade and Development

    2015 Edward Elgar

    This timely Handbook comprehensively explores the complex relationships between trade and economic performance in developing countries, illustrating that it is not trade per se that is important but the context, at the firm, country and ...

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  • Magna Carta for All Humanity "Homing in on Human Rights"

    2015 Routledge

    The Magna Carta, sealed in 1215, has come to stand for the rule of law, curbs on executive power and the freedom to enjoy basic liberties. When the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted ...

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  • The Politics of Transatlantic Trade Negotiations "TTip in a Globalized World"

    por Morin, Jean-Frédéric; Novotná, Tereza; Ponjaert, Frederik; Teló, Mario

    The Politics of Transatlantic Trade Negotiations "TTip in a Globalized World"

    2015 Ashgate

    By focusing on the wider process of negotiations, this novel volume presents the first systematic analysis of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The authors include scholars and practitioners from across disciplines and various ...

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  • Emerging Economies "Food and Energy Security, and Technology and Innovation"

    2015 Springer Verlag

    This volume brings together research on development in three major areas of contemporary global relevance: agriculture and food security, energy, and the institutions of national innovation. Covering six of the largest emerging and developing economies ...

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  • Looking Behind the Label "Global Industries and the Conscientious Consumer"

    por Bartley, Tim; Koos, Sebastian; Samel, Hiram; Setrini, Gustavo; Summers, Nik

    Looking Behind the Label "Global Industries and the Conscientious Consumer"

    2015 Indiana University Press

    What does it mean when consumers "shop with a conscience" and choose products labeled as fair or sustainable? Does this translate into meaningful changes in global production processes? To what extent are voluntary standards implemented ...

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  • Great Divergence and Great Convergence "A Global Perspective"

    2015 Springer Verlag

    This new monograph provides a stimulating new take on hotly contested topics in world modernization and the globalizing economy. It begins by situating what is called the Great Divergence--the social/technological revolution that led European nations ...

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  • The Globalization of Inequality

    por Bourguignon, Francois

    The Globalization of Inequality

    2015 Princeton University Press

    In The Globalization of Inequality, distinguished economist and policymaker Francois Bourguignon examines the complex and paradoxical links between a vibrant world economy that has raised the living standard of over half a billion people in ...

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  • Global Business Strategy "Multinational Corporations Venturing into Emerging Markets"

    2015 Springer Verlag

    This book presents theoretical ideas and case studies for corporations in developed nations, including Japan, for designing strategies to maximize opportunities and minimize threats in business expansion into developing nations. The case studies featured here ...

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Ecobook recomienda

Economía política mundial

por varios autores

Economía política mundial

Este libro analiza los fundamentos y el funcionamiento de la Economía Mundial en su etapa actual. Para ello, se propone un marco teórico basado en la combinación de las propiedades del enfoque sistémico con las ...

pvp.24.00 €