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  • Probability: A Lively Introduction

    2017 Cambridge University Press

    Probability has applications in many areas of modern science, not to mention in our daily life. Its importance as a mathematical discipline cannot be overrated, and it is a fascinating and surprising topic in its ...

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  • Advanced Analysis of Variance

    por Hirotsu, Chihiro

    Advanced Analysis of Variance

    2017 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Introducing a revolutionary new model for the statistical analysis of experimental data In this important book, internationally acclaimed statistician, Chihiro Hirotsu, goes beyond classical analysis of variance (ANOVA) model to offer a unified theory and ...

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  • Contrato de Seguro "Introducción a la Ley 50/1980 "

    2017 Jurua editora

    El contrato de seguro es quizás una de las modalidades contractuales más extendidas en la práctica, no en vano el mercado asegurador es uno de los más importantes de nuestro país. En esta obra se ...

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  • Statistical Modeling for Degradation Data

    por Chen, Ding-Geng; Lio, Yuhlong

    Statistical Modeling for Degradation Data

    2017 Springer Verlag

    This book focuses on the statistical aspects of the analysis of degradation data. In recent years, degradation data analysis has come to play an increasingly important role in different disciplines such as reliability, public health ...

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  • Modern Directional Statistics

    por Ley, Christoph; Verdebout, Thomas

    Modern Directional Statistics

    2017 Crc Press Inc.

    Modern Directional Statistics collects important advances in methodology and theory for directional statistics over the last two decades. It provides a detailed overview and analysis of recent results that can help both researchers and practitioners. ...

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  • Introducción al no equilibrio "Mecánica estadística y termodinámica"

    2017 Reverte Editorial

    Un remolino se frena hasta esfumarse. Una gota de tinta se disuelve en el agua. Un objeto caliente se enfría en contacto con otro a temperatura menor. Son ejemplos simples de fenómenos ubicuos en la ...

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  • Multilevel Analysis "Techniques and Applications"

    por Hox, Joop; Moerbeek, Mirjam; Van de Schoot, Rens

    Multilevel Analysis "Techniques and Applications"

    2017 Routledge

    Applauded for its clarity, this accessible introduction helps readers apply multilevel techniques to their research. The book also includes advanced extensions, making it useful as both an introduction for students and as a reference for ...

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  • Essentials of Stochastic Processes

    por Durrett, Richard

    Essentials of Stochastic Processes

    2017 Springer

    Building upon the previous editions, this textbook is a first course in stochastic processes taken by undergraduate and graduate students (MS and PhD students from math, statistics, economics, computer science, engineering, and finance departments) who ...

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  • Nonlinear Time Series Analysis With R

    por Bittelli, Marco; Huffaker, Ray; Rosa, Rodolfo

    Nonlinear Time Series Analysis With R

    2017 Oxford University Press.

    Nonlinear Time Series Analysis with R provides a practical guide to emerging empirical techniques allowing practitioners to diagnose whether highly fluctuating and random appearing data are most likely driven by random or deterministic dynamic forces. ...

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  • Once Upon an Algorithm "How Stories Explain Computing "

    2017 Mit Press

    Picture a computer scientist, staring at a screen and clicking away frantically on a keyboard, hacking into a system, or perhaps developing an app. Now delete that picture. In Once Upon an Algorithm, Martin Erwig ...

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  • Introduction to Functional Data Analysis

    por Kokoszka, Piotr; Reimherr, Matthew

    Introduction to Functional Data Analysis

    2017 Crc Press Inc.

    Introduction to Functional Data Analysis provides a concise textbook introduction to the field. It explains how to analyze functional data, both at exploratory and inferential levels. It also provides a systematic and accessible exposition of ...

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  • Towards Higher Mathematics "A Companion"

    2017 Cambridge University Press

    Containing a large and varied set of problems, this rich resource will allow students to stretch their mathematical abilities beyond the school syllabus, and bridge the gap to university-level mathematics. Many proofs are provided to ...

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  • Advanced Methods for Modeling Markets

    por Bijmolt, Tammo H.A.; Leeflang, Peter S.H.; Pauwels, Koen H.; Wieringa, Jaap E.

    Advanced Methods for Modeling Markets

    2017 Springer

    This volume presents advanced techniques to modeling markets, with a wide spectrum of topics, including advanced individual demand models, time series analysis, state space models, spatial models, structural models, mediation, models that specify competition and ...

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  • The Profession of Modeling and Simulation

    por Tolk, Andreas; Ören, Tuncer

    The Profession of Modeling and Simulation

    2017 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    The definite guide to the theory, knowledge, technical expertise, and ethical considerations that define the M&S profession From traffic control to disaster management, supply chain analysis to military logistics, healthcare management to new drug discovery, ...

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  • Ranks of Groups "The Tools, Characteristics, and Restrictions "

    por Dixon, Martyn R.; Kurdachenko, Leonid A.; Subbotin, Igor Ya

    Ranks of Groups  "The Tools, Characteristics, and Restrictions "

    2017 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Ranks of Groups features a logical, straightforward presentation, beginning with a succinct discussion of the standard ranks before moving on to specific aspects of ranks of groups. Topics covered include section ranks, groups of finite ...

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  • Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting

    por Brockwell, P.; Davis, Richard

    Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting

    2017 Springer

    This book is aimed at the reader who wishes to gain a working knowledge of time series and forecasting methods as applied to economics, engineering and the natural and social sciences. It assumes knowledge only ...

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  • Dynamic Data Analysis "Modeling Data with Differential Equations"

    2017 Springer Verlag

    This text focuses on the use of smoothing methods for developing and estimating differential equations following recent developments in functional data analysis and building on techniques described in Ramsay and Silverman (2005) Functional Data Analysis. ...

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  • Quantitative Analysis and IBM  SPSS  Statistics

    2017 Springer

    This guide is for practicing statisticians and data scientists who use IBM SPSS for statistical analysis of big data in business and finance. This is the first of a two-part guide to SPSS for Windows, ...

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  • Data Mining With SPSS Modeler "Theory, Exercises and Solutions "

    2017 Springer

    Introducing the IBM SPSS Modeler, this book guides readers through data mining processes and presents relevant statistical methods. There is a special focus on step-by-step tutorials and well-documented examples that help demystify complex mathematical algorithms ...

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Ecobook recomienda

Python "Con aplicaciones a las matemáticas, ingeniería y finanzas"

En esta obra se presenta el lenguaje de programación Python desde sus conceptos y características básicas, hasta el desarrollo de programas con un alto nivel de complejidad. De acuerdo con este propósito en el libro ...

pvp.15.40 €

Dominar la econometría "El camino entre el efecto y la causa"

La econometría aplicada es la ciencia de los datos en su estado original, y engloba los métodos estadísticos que se usan en economía para desentrañar causas y efectos de las actividades humanas. Con un lenguaje ...

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