Capitalism and Critique "Unruly Democracy and Solidarity Economics"

por Martin, Edward J.; Pimentel, Mateo S.; Torres, Rodolfo D.
Capitalism and Critique "Unruly Democracy and Solidarity Economics"
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ISBN: 978-1-138-36561-2
Editorial: Routledge
Fecha de la edición: 2018
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 112


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Resumen del libro

Reseña: While there are signs of recovery from recent economic collapses, relatively few protective measures are in place in the United States to prevent future crises and widespread destruction of livelihoods around the globe. This book, a follow-up and further development of Martins and Torres ideas in their acclaimed Savage State: Welfare Capitalism and Inequality, contains a synthesis and critique of economic theory with historical case studies and new discourse on American globalism and its failures to provide for the economic security of millions of people. Since the original publication over ten years ago, there has been a resurgence in radical political economy and critical theory. Instead of "demonizing" the market, Capitalism and Critique draws lessons from the new directions in social theory and seeks clear solutions for future modes of capitalism.
indice: Acknowledgements Introduction. Foundations of Direct Democracy and A New Solidarity Contract 1. On the Priority of Wage Labor 2. Robert Owen and Utopian Thought 3. A Democratic Capitalism? Ricardian Socialism and Beyond 4. Marxs Critique of Political Economy and Class Analysis 5. The Conundrum of Marxs Theory of Value 6. A Moral Theory of Justice and A Democratic Economy Conclusion: Against Capital: Unruly Democracy and Popular Economics References Index