Brand Management in Higher Education "An Empiral Estudy through the Agents Involved"

por Casanoves Boix, Javier; Kuster, Ines; Vila-Lopez, Natalia
Brand Management in Higher Education "An Empiral Estudy through the Agents Involved"
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ISBN: 978-84-13-08330-8
Editorial: Aranzadi Editorial
Fecha de la edición: 2019
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 293


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Resumen del libro

Reseña: What is brand capital? And how to manage it strategically in higher education institutions. Brand implies more than just the producers promise to the consumer, it is a link based on the perceptions and experiences of the client every time he connects with it. Although the relationship between the consumer and the brand is an individual reality, universal guidelines and behaviour can be generalized in consumers, that is, brand equity can be generated. Applied to services, this is considered to be even more important, since the core business is based on intangibility. This book analyzes the essence of brand capital, the main models presented in the literature and the key elements that make it up. Its application in the context of higher educational is analyzed, detailing the relevance and the role of all of the university agents involved. Following on from this, a proposal is made for a model of brand capital in the higher education sector. Finally, an empirical study is described that highlights the importance of building educational brand through the agents involved in both public and private universities.
indice: Prologue Charpter 0. Introduction Chapter 1. Brand Capital Chapter 2. Bran Capital and Higher Education Chapter 3. Methodology Chapter 4. Results Chapter 5. Conclusions References Annexes. Qualitative and Quantitative Studies


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