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  • Milestones in European Housing Finance

    por Lunde, Jens; Whitehead, Christine

    Milestones in European Housing Finance

    2016 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    This book provides evidence on how housing finance markets developed across Europe. The objective of the text is to bring together up to date material from across Europe which will help to clarify (i) how ...

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  • Financial Mathematics

    por Mishura, Yuliya

    Financial Mathematics

    2016 Elsevier Science Publishers

    Financial Mathematics is devoted to financial markets both with discrete and continuous time, exploring how to make the transition from discrete to continuous time in option pricing. This book features a detailed dynamic model of ...

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  • Matemática financiera "De la lógica a la formulación"

    2016 Desclee De Brouwer S.A.

    En este libro se aborda el tema de la Matemática Financiera desde una óptica diferente, tal y como ya sugiere el título: Matemática Financiera, de la lógica a la formulación. La novedad consiste en aplicar ...

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  • Digital Wealth "An Automatic Way to Invest Successfully"

    2016 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Leverage algorithms to take your investment approach to the next level Digital Wealth: An Automatic Way to Invest Successfully reveals core investment strategies that you can leverage to build long-term wealth. More than a simple ...

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  • Small Stocks, Big Money "Interviews with Microcap Superstars"

    2016 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    An Internet advertising company has a $2 stock in 2008 and gets bought a few years later for $270 million. A pacemaker company raises $450,000 at its IPO and six years later sells for $127 ...

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  • Administración financiera internacional

    2015 Cengage Learning Inc

    Las empresas evolucionan y se transforman en corporaciones multinacionales (CMN) para aprovechar las oportunidades internacionales. Sus directivos deben ser capaces de evaluar el entorno internacional, reconocer oportunidades, implementar estrategias y administrar la exposición al riesgo. ...

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  • Money Mindset "Formulating a Wealth Strategy in the 21st Century"

    2015 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Harness the power of your money with a 21st century mindset The speed at which the world is evolving is compounding exponentially each day, leaving individual investors wondering how to appropriately plan for their financial ...

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  • Equity Asset Valuation

    por Henry, Elaine; Pinto, Jerald E.; Robinson, Thomas R.; Stowe, John D.

    Equity Asset Valuation

    2015 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Navigate equity investments and asset valuation with confidence Equity Asset Valuation, Third Edition blends theory and practice to paint an accurate, informative picture of the equity asset world. The most comprehensive resource on the market, ...

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  • On-Line Portfolio Selection "Principles and Algorithms"

    2015 Taylor & Francis

    With the aim to sequentially determine optimal allocations across a set of assets, Online Portfolio Selection (OLPS) has significantly reshaped the financial investment landscape. Online Portfolio Selection: Principles and Algorithms supplies a comprehensive survey of ...

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  • Valuation "Theories and Concepts"

    2015 Academic Press Inc.

    Valuation: Theories and Concepts provides an understanding on how to value companies that employ non-standard accounting procedures, particularly companies in emerging markets and those that require a wider variety of options than standard texts provide. ...

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  • Risk-Based and Factor Investing

    por Jurczenko, Emmanuel

    Risk-Based and Factor Investing

    2015 Elsevier Science Publishers

    This book is a compilation of recent articles written by leading academics and practitioners in the area of risk-based and factor investing (RBFI). The articles are intended to introduce readers to some of the latest, ...

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  • Commodities

    por Dempster, M.A.H.; Tang, Ke


    2015 Chapman & Hall/Crc

    Since a major source of income for many countries comes from exporting commodities, price discovery and information transmission between commodity futures markets are key issues for continued economic development. This book covers the fundamental theory ...

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  • Alternative Investments: CAIA Level 1

    2015 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    The official CAIA Level 1 curriculum book, updated and expanded to reflect the March 2016 exam Alternative Investments: CAIA Level I, 3rd Edition is the curriculum book for the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Level ...

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  • ¿Qué es y cómo gestionar el crowdfunding?

    2015 Editorial UOC

    ¿Qué es H2PaC? El modelo H2PAC resuelve propuestas clave a partir de ACTIVIDADES. Esta forma de aprendizaje parte de un RETO: la actividad que deberás resolver. Para ello te facilitamos un contenido teórico, EL CONOCIMIENTO ...

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