Introduction to International Political Economy

por Balaam, D.; Dillman, Bradford
Introduction to International Political Economy
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ISBN: 978-1-138-20699-1
Editorial: Routledge
Fecha de la edición: 2018
Edición Nº: 7
idioma: Ingles
Nº Pág.: 532

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Resumen del libro

Reseña: In a revolutionary revision of this best-selling text, David Balaam and Bradford Dillman show how the postwar world order is at once under threat and yet resilient. This classic text surveys the theories, institutions, and relationships that characterize IPE and highlights them in the context of a diverse range of regional and transnational issues. Introduction to International Political Economy positions students to critically evaluate the global economy and to appreciate the personal impact of political, economic, and social forces. New to the Seventh EditionStreamlined yet comprehensive coverage'reducing the text from 20 to 17 chapters. There is also one unified chapter on global finance and a single chapter on energy and the environment.A new chapter on Constructivism shows sociological and ideational forces at work.A new chapter on Global Production encompasses transnational corporations and labor.A new chapter on Global Health incorporates food and refugee issues.Substantial revisions to 10 chapters, including new material on Brexit, the EU debt and refugee crises, populist-nationalist movements, inequality, trade conflicts and negotiations, cyber weapons, the rise of China, Middle East conflicts, and international responses to climate change.Significant focus throughout on President Trumps impact on U.S. foreign policy, international order, and global security.Extensive new graphs and tables of data, plus 27 fascinating new text boxes throughout.An author-written Instructors Manual and Test Bank are provided along with additional online resources.
indice: PART I Perspectives on International Political Economy CHAPTER 1 What Is International Political Economy? CHAPTER 2 Laissez-Faire: The Economic Liberal Perspective CHAPTER 3 Wealth and Power: The Mercantilist Perspective CHAPTER 4 Economic Determinism and Exploitation: The Structuralist Perspective CHAPTER 5 Constructivism PART II Structures of International Political Economy CHAPTER 6 The Global Production Structure CHAPTER 7 The International Trade Structure CHAPTER 8 The International Finance and Monetary Structure CHAPTER 9 The Global Security Structure CHAPTER 10 The International Knowledge Structure: Controlling Flows of Information and Technology PART III States and Markets in the Global Economy CHAPTER 11 The Development Challenge CHAPTER 12 The Fragmentation of the European Union: The Crossroads Redux CHAPTER 13 Moving into Position: The Rising Powers CHAPTER 14 The Middle East and North Africa: Things Fall Apart PART IV Transnational Problems and Dilemmas CHAPTER 15 The Illicit Global Economy: The Dark Side of Globalization CHAPTER 16 Energy and the Environment: Navigating Climate Change and Global Disaster CHAPTER 17 Global Health: Refugees and Caring for the Forgotten


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