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  • The Price of Fixed Income Market Volatility

    por Mele, Antonio; Obayashi, Yoshiki

    The Price of Fixed Income Market Volatility

    2016 Springer Verlag

    Fixed income volatility and equity volatility evolve heterogeneously over time, co-moving disproportionately during periods of global imbalances and each reacting to events of different nature. While the methodology for options-based "model-free" pricing of equity volatility ...

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  • Contratos financieros de servicios vinculados

    por San Martín Arias, Ignacio

    Contratos financieros de servicios vinculados

    2016 Rasche Editorial

    Durante el mes de agosto de 2002, mientras la actividad de las Asesorías Jurídicas de las Entidades de Crédito disminuía fruto, a su vez, de la reducción de la actividad propia de ese mes, la ...

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  • Strategic Financial Management for Small and Medium Sized Companies

    2016 Emerald Group Publishing Limited

    Research shows the majority of small businesses fail in their early years due to poor financial management, turning the dreams of many business owners and novice entrepreneurs into nightmares. This book serves as a guide ...

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  • Quantitative Investment Analysis "CFA Book and Workbook Set"

    por Defusco, Richard A.; McLeavey,Dennis W.; Pinto, Jerald E.; Runkle, David E.

    Quantitative Investment Analysis "CFA Book and Workbook Set"

    2015 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Comprehensive coverage of quantitative investment analysis methods with hands-on practice Quantitative Investment Analysis, Third Edition is a comprehensive guide to the complex world of investment analysis. With full coverage of a range of quantitative methods, ...

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  • Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds "Building Blocks to Wealth"

    por Baker, Kent H.; Filbeck, Greg; Kiymaz, Halil

    Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds "Building Blocks to Wealth"

    2015 Oxford University Press.

    Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds: Building Blocks to Wealth offers a synthesis of the theoretical and empirical literature primarily on mutual funds but also discusses related investment vehicles, especially ETFs. In this edited volume, noted ...

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  • The Big Short

    por Lewis, Michael

    The Big Short

    2015 Penguin Book

    From the author of 'Moneyball' and 'The Blind Side' 'We fed the monster until it blew up . . . ' While Wall Street was busy creating the biggest credit bubble of all time, a ...

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  • Managing Risk and Uncertainty "A Strategic Approach"

    2015 Mit Press

    This book offers a framework for making decisions under risk and uncertainty. Synthesizing research from economics, finance, decision theory, management, and other fields, the book provides a set of tools and a way of thinking ...

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  • Backtesting Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall

    2015 Springer Verlag

    In this book Simona Roccioletti reviews several valuable studies about risk measures and their properties; in particular she studies the new (and heavily discussed) property of "Elicitability" of a risk measure. More important, she investigates ...

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  • Value Creation of Corporate Restructuring "A Market Cycle and Industry View"

    2015 Peter Lang Publishing

    The study off ers a contribution to the debate about shareholder wealth creation following corporate restructuring transactions Including market cycle and industry factors, it provides an analysis of merger and acquisition (M&A) and corporate divestiture ...

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  • Environmental Finance and Investments

    por Chesney, Marc; Gheyssens, Jonathan; Pana, Anca Claudia; Taschini, Luca

    Environmental Finance and Investments

    2015 Springer Verlag

    This textbook provides an introduction to environmental finance and investments. The current situation raises fundamental questions that this book aims to address. Under which conditions could carbon pricing schemes contribute to a significant decrease in ...

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  • Solving Modern Crime In Financial Markets "Analytics and Case Studies"

    2015 Academic Press Inc.

    This comprehensive source of information about financial fraud delivers a mature approach to fraud detection and prevention. It brings together all important aspect of analytics used in investigating modern crime in financial markets and uses ...

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  • Derivatives and Hedge Funds

    por Satchell, Stephen

    Derivatives and Hedge Funds

    2015 Palgrave

    This book is a collection of papers celebrating 20 years of the Journal of Derivatives and Hedge Funds (JDHF).

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  • Capital Markets "Institutions, Instruments, and Risk Management"

    2015 Mit Press

    Over the last fifty years, an extensive array of instruments for financing, investing, and controlling risk has become available in financial markets, with demand for these innovations driven by the needs of investors and borrowers. ...

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  • Financial Regulation in the European Union

    por Kattel, Rainer; Kregel, Jan; Tonveronachi, Mario

    Financial Regulation in the European Union

    2015 Routledge

    This collection offers a comparative overview of how financial regulations have evolved in various European countries since the introduction of the single European market in 1986. It includes a number of country studies which provides ...

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  • Equity Asset Valuation "CFA Book and Workbook Set"

    por Henry, Elaine; Pinto, Jerald E.; Robinson, Thomas R.; Stowe, John D.

    Equity Asset Valuation "CFA Book and Workbook Set"

    2015 Wiley & Sons Ltd.

    Deepen your practical understanding of equity investment analysis and valuation Equity Asset Valuation, Third Edition is a complete guide to valuation theory and practice, giving you the best and most comprehensive information on equity investments. ...

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  • Finanzas de empresa

    por Aguirreamalloa Arizaga, Javier; Larios Pérez, Pedro

    Finanzas de empresa

    2015 Epalsa

    Existen muchos manuales de finanzas. La mayoría están escritos desde un punto de vista estadounidense, con empresas cotizadas, mercados financieros mucho más eficientes de lo que son en realidad, y sobre todo, con una visión ...

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  • Positive Finance "A Toolkit for Responsible Transformation"

    2015 Greenleaf Publishing

    For some, finance is the enemy: solely responsible for the global financial crisis and symbolic of an outdated model that is catapulting us toward social and ecological ruin. Such a view can seem tempting. The ...

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