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  • International Money and Finance

    por Melvin, Michael; Norrbin, Stefan C.

    International Money and Finance

    2017 Academic Press Inc.

    International Money and Finance, Ninth Edition presents an institutional and historical overview of international finance and international money, illustrating how key economic concepts can illuminate real world problems. With three substantially revised chapters, and all ...

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  • Advances in Geoeconomics

    por Munoz, Joseh Mark S.

    Advances in Geoeconomics

    2017 Routledge

    While geopolitics has captured global attention, geoeconomics is the often hidden force that governs countries relationships. It is the economic psyche that shapes the new world order. Geoeconomics refers to the intersection of economic factors, ...

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  • Offshore "Exploring the Worlds of Global Outsourcing"

    2017 Oxford University Press.

    Offshore outsourcing-the movement of jobs to lower-wage countries-is one of the defining features of globalization. Routine blue-collar work has been going offshore for decades, but the digital revolution beginning in the 1990s extended this process ...

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  • International Trade "The Basics"

    por Poon, Jessie P.H.; Rigby, David L.

    International Trade  "The Basics"

    2017 Routledge

    Trade impacts on the lives of all global citizens, influencing the range of commodities available for consumption and where those commodities are produced. Driven increasingly by market exchange, trade shapes the nature of work and ...

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  • The Puzzle of Twenty-First-Century Globalization

    2017 Rowman & Littlefield

    The Puzzle of Twenty-First-Century Globalization explores the opportunities and challenges of our international economic system. Patrice Franko and Stephen Stamos clearly trace how the ways we produce, finance, and trade goods and services are profoundly ...

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  • Obstacles to Peacebuilding

    por Castillo, Graciana del

    Obstacles to Peacebuilding

    2017 Routledge

    Combining the insights of a seasoned practitioner with the academic rigor of a meticulous policy and risk analyst, del Castillo discusses the major obstacles to peacebuilding that need to be removed before war-torn countries can ...

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  • The Global Political Economy of Raúl Prebisch

    2017 Routledge

    The Global Political Economy of Raúl Prebisch offers an original analysis of global political economy by examining it through the ideas, agency and influence of one of its most important thinkers, leaders and personalities. Prebischs ...

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  • Foreign Trade as a Factor of Economic Growth

    por Popkova, Elena G.; Sukhodolov, Yakov A.

    Foreign Trade as a Factor of Economic Growth

    2017 Springer Verlag

    This book analyzes the evolution of foreign trade cooperation between Russia and China in the context of the rapidly growing global economy, especially in the Asian-Pacific region. The approach presented in the book is characterized ...

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  • The Internationalization of Government Procurement Regulation

    por Georgopulos, Aris G.; Hoekman, Bernard; Mavroidis, Petros

    The Internationalization of Government Procurement Regulation

    2017 Oxford University Press.

    As governments are major buyers of goods and services, foreign companies are keen to be able to participate in procurement opportunities on an equal footing with national firms. This has given rise to the inclusion ...

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  • International Political Economy in the 21st Century "Contemporary Issues and Analyses"

    2017 Routledge

    Understanding of the theories that underpin International Political Economy (IPE), and their practical applications, is crucial to the study of international relations, politics, development and economics. This comprehensive and accessible introduction to the field, with ...

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  • Arbitraje en la CCI

    por Fernández de Romarategui, Alejandro; Viaña de la Puente, Javier

    Arbitraje en la CCI

    2017 Gomylex

    Arbitraje en la Cámara de Comercio Internacional es un estudio del procedimiento arbitral de la CCI. En él se examinan algunas de las cuestiones que más dudas interpretativas sugieren al operador jurídico del Arbitraje, tanto ...

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  • Geopolitics, Geography and Strategic History

    2017 Routledge

    This volume examines geopolitics by looking at the interaction between geography, strategy and history. This book addresses three interrelated questions: why does the geographical scope of political objectives and subsequent strategy of states change? How ...

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  • Conectografía "Mapear el futuro de la civilización mundial"

    2017 Ediciones Paidos Iberica

    En Conectografía, Parag Khanna nos guía hacia una red emergente de civilización global en la cual las macro ciudades compiten más por su conectividad que por sus fronteras. Su investigación nos lleva de una punta ...

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Ecobook recomienda

Economía política mundial

por varios autores

Economía política mundial

Este libro analiza los fundamentos y el funcionamiento de la Economía Mundial en su etapa actual. Para ello, se propone un marco teórico basado en la combinación de las propiedades del enfoque sistémico con las ...

pvp.24.50 €